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  1. I’m thinking hard about the pickup also.
  2. AD is questionable and Okafor is doubtful. I’m thinking hard about picking him up also and dropping Nance. What has me hesitant is that they’re playing the Jazz and the matchup with Rudy is no joke Just got an update. AD participated in shootaround.
  3. Take that. You lose nothing. Who is your drop?
  4. Jeff Green or roll the dice with Okafor in hopes of AD getting shut down?
  5. Been offered Durant/Gary Harris/Portis for my PG13/Buddy Hield/Faried. He probably think Durant’s numbers will decline with Boogie back. I think Faried in Houston will be legit. Should i I make this move? Team is in signature
  6. I have Dragic in my IR but Dwight just became available. Should I switch Dwight for Dragic?
  7. An article on his low minutes and 4th quarter benchings.
  8. I watched the whole game. In his defense the Spurs double teamed him on just about every play he was in the post. The game plan was to take a Jokic out the game offensively and they did that.