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  1. Portis or Lyles

    Lyles because he’ll be starting. I like Portis also though.
  2. Disregard...Harris out about a month.
  3. Nikola Jokic 2018-19 Season Outlook

    Milsap and Gary Harris out. He should start to trend back to last year’s stats and consistency. I hope...
  4. Should I take this? Team in signature.
  5. I have one more add for the week and my team is in the signature. Should I go Portis or Holiday? Will be dropping Jackson.
  6. Another thing. He seems to play better with Booker out the lineup.
  7. I had him at the end of last year and he helped me win a championship. He has the game to turn it around. Check his game log end of last year. The FG% will always be low but he can fill up the stat sheet when he’s rolling.
  8. Nikola Jokic 2018-19 Season Outlook

    Not critics. Just want him to play up to his standards with some consistency.
  9. He just needs to be more assertive on offense. The majority of offenseive sets he’s in the corner standing. Maybe that’s how Doc wants the offense to be run, so his hands may be tied somewhat. He isn’t closing out games yet also.
  10. Should I Do This Deal - 100% WHIR

    I’m split on this. I’m sure you want to move Fournier. Is that a motive in the trade?
  11. My team is in sig. I can really use a scoring punch and more Free Throw Made which is a category in my league. Obviously Rebs would be lost but I can look to the waiver wire or make additional trades to make up. Don’t think I lose really any other category besides Rebs. Don’t care for Turnovers. Should I make this?
  12. Lauri is probable tonight! 😬😬
  13. With how the Spurs are looking and playing, I would think Pop wants any help he can get. Thanks for the video.
  14. He was being a liability on defense when AD went off in the quarter. AD had like 15 plus points in one quarter and all of them were on Whiteside. The majority of them outside shots. He could have done a better job of getting back on defense to contest the shots. Also Pelicans made a big run. Wade, Bam and Olynk were a big part of Miami keeping the lead.