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  1. Should be good now .... ESPN email now works .... when you get to the site read all messages and don't hesitate to ask me anything on how the league works.
  2. ok .... I can pick for you and put on your team. You must be able to see the site though.
  3. Great ... I will remove me as the owner whenever I can. Some nice players on this team but again it is dynasty and need to build. You have a bunch of really young first round picks. Scott
  4. Looks like ESPN is having technical problems .... not sure if the invite has gone thru .... will resend when available
  5. Great .... sent you the link .... We just started the offline draft of remaining 6 players .... Ottawa took Jack Hughes .... rookies will be popular
  6. Got an opening in our 20 team dynasty league. Vancouver is available and has the third pick in the draft. 22 keepers and draft 6 each year. slow draft starts tomorrow (Sunday) ... each team has 12 hours max to make a pick. Link is below ...
  7. Looks like it just went thru .... was having trouble sending. Let me know if you did not receive it ....
  8. Let me resend it .... not sure why you did not receive it.
  9. Invite sent .... it needs some work but league is solid. Thanks and welcome to Carter Cup.Check league rules and let either Ross Smith (LM) or I know with any questions. Draft is 6 rounds and offline (12 hours to make pick). Welcome again!