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  1. Despite my team name having “Kawhi” in it, I might drop him today so I can add someone with 2+ games left. Do or die when it comes to the finals
  2. Collison, Horford, and Tatum out during a neck-and-neck semifinal for me. TRASH. Just a vent. Nothing more, nothing less. /vent
  3. Anyone watch the game? I was at work, only caught parts of the 4th
  4. It looked like one of those ominous non-contact injuries, he twisted it a little weird... Hoping for the best
  5. Did you catch that dunk just now? The more I'm watching this the more optimistic I'm feeling about his situation. W/ the Lakers, at times most of his touches comes only from trying to rebound his teammates' poor shots. Zu's gotten our hopes up several times this season, but he actually seems set up for success here, or at least not set up for failure w/ the Lakers' s---y offense and unpredictable 3-center rotation
  6. I'm flipping between a couple games. Some thoughts: Performance-wise he looks the same as he did in LA, more or less. Teammates getting him involved, more than w/ the Lakers. He's touching the ball more, and they're not doing dumb Laker hero ball s--- and using the entire shot clock. Seems engaged defensively; 3 blocks, but also defensive mistakes. Oh yeah - he and Montrezl played together for spans too, which is great for his value. Overall, he looks as if he has a longer leash here and won't be subject to Walton's silly rotations. Really pleased with what I'm seeing. Too early to tell but could be a solid double-double ROS w/ great percentages and decent blocks. Edit - Oh yeah Kyrie just sprained his knee so anyone reading this might wanna pick up Rozier.
  7. If you're starting playoffs already, then I mean, it's do or die. I'd drop him for sure and do some smart streaming.
  8. Interesting, I'm actually thinking of dropping him. It seemed like a perfect storm of obstacles for McGee - the Chandler signing, getting the flu, the emergence of Zubac, Lebron's extended absence, and now the potential AD trade. It's hard to see him coming close to his earlier production or even getting the opportunity to try. With either Zu starting or AD coming over, McGee looks more and more like a streamer. I've been considering picking up Kleber for him. He'll get you similar blocks and boards as the recent version of McGee, but also some treys, a better FT%, and higher, stable playing time. Better playoff schedule in my league too (weeks 21-23). However, like you, it's really darn hard to let go of McGee.
  9. In his recent strong outings, he mostly had great matchups and one lucky game where he only missed two shots. In terms of the eye test, he has the touch for sure, but during games he comes off rushed, clunky, and makes mistakes. The thing is, this stuff typically is fine, because he can work them out as the season progresses, but he’s gotten little playing time and he’s also on a very short leash because the Lakers are in win-now mode. One or two missed shots or mistakes, and he’s easily yanked for Chandler or McGee. There are conspiracy theorists in the Twittersphere that believe his limited minutes tonight mean a trade’s a-brewin.’ Personally Chandler and McGee seemed to fit the flow of the game better, or maybe Walton just wanted to rely on his vets.
  10. Screw it! I picked up Zu while still owning McGee. I can afford to hold both and hope for the best case scenario: that one of them clearly comes out on top. Based on the eye test as well as plus-minus, it really should be Zu getting the bulk of the minutes. That said, knowing Walton, there’s strong likelihood it’ll just end up being an unpredictable musical chairs situation going forward.
  11. No minutes limit for Prince. Offense off to a slow start, but his defense is looking great
  12. Yep, pretty much. I might pick up Zubac too, I'm sitting on it. He's had flash of brilliance for the past several seasons now. Once Bron's back, and Rondo too, I imagine McGee will look better. He's not meshing with the current lineups. Sigh it was fun owning blocks in my league while it lasted...
  13. Yeah, I was just looking at this. If we exclude his injury-struck game and the just prior GSW blowout where the starters played 20ish minutes, he's ends up being #47 in standard 9-cat. Uncertain he'll produce top 50 rest of season, but still excited that I picked him up!
  14. I assume you don’t have an IR spot. Add at your own risk, the Nets haven’t disclosed s--- about Levert since his injury, so it’s hard to tell how close he is. Maybe they’ll give an update now that he’s actually spotted at shootaround. Plus we don’t know how he’ll be eased in or how he’ll perform. If you’re doing well in the standings and can afford a player to drop, maybe pick him up.