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  1. I wouldn't be too worried about it. Take the deal and be happy. It isn't outrageously bad to where a veto or something would need to be brought into the equation.
  2. I like the Strahm move, and I agree with the above poster. Swap Alonso for Senzel and McMahon for Voit. A couple solid moves there for you.
  3. For me it would be Acuna/Bregman I go with at the turn, and would eye pitching at the 3/4. Tons of upside with those two picks. As for Eloy I think in a competitive league you are probably talking around where Robles is going. So 8-10 most likely. If you can get him later that's even better.
  4. For now I would just drop Givens for Strop or Strickland. I don't hate any of the other guys on your bench enough to drop for any of the listed FAs, and would just ride it out to start the year. Other than that, you offense is spectacular. High end talent everywhere, although you're probably relying on Villar for most of your steals. Which may be fine in another steal-starved season. Pitching could end up needing some work, as I'd be pretty scared with the injury risk from a lot of those guys. Could definitely be an issue for you. I might deal a guy like Carp for another pitcher. Good luck!
  5. Offense is solid. Balanced and will contribute across the board. Pitching I do think you are 1-2 mid-tier guys away from making it pretty good. You have a solid start with your rotation, and I like a couple of the later guys, but as you mentioned earlier you'll need to find a couple guys during the year, so best of luck with that
  6. Hey all, just trying to see where I'm at going into the season. Any areas I lack? Moves you think I should make? Whatever you think might help! 12 teams, 5 keepers (4 years) Categories: R, HR, RBI, SB, OBP, SLG /////// IP, W, SV, K, ERA, WHIPMy Team:C Sanchez1B Bellinger 2B Moncada3B Bregman SS Correa OF Acuna OF Bryant OF EatonUTIL M. Cabrera UTIL D. Santana SP Buehler, Bumgarner, Tanaka, Hendricks, Happ, Arrieta, McHugh, Wacha, An. Sanchez, Strahm RP Vizcaino, Alvarado, Strop I appreciate any advice, and if you have links please feel free to leave them below. Thanks!
  7. Correa, Marte, Rosario, Upton, and Hand for me
  8. You have 4 killer bats already. You'll need the arms to stay above the rest. Noah/Bauer quite easily.
  9. I agree with Vlad/Bellinger. Lots of great values there but I think those two provide a good balance of current production and potential.
  10. I like it. I think for having the hitting you do, you did well on drafting pitching too. I like your middle of the rotation arms in Hendricks/Piv/Freeland/Rodon/McHugh to go with the high end starters. I'm good with chasing saves, and you should be more than set for speed with Turner/Mondesi. Good looking team.
  11. As mentioned the offense is stellar, but there is just not enough pitching to win you a 10 team league there. I think you'll have to make some trades AS WELL as staying active on the wire. Good news is that in a shallow 10 team there should be some serviceable options you can find. I'd start with dealing an OF for an arm.
  12. Hey all, just looking to make some potential roster moves before they start counting against my weekly limit. 1) What two potential closers would you want out of Alvarado, Barnes, Strop, or Brasier? I have Barnes/Strop currently but am thinking about making a move. Morrow is available too if that influences your decision. 2) Do you prefer D. Rodriquez or Strahm? I know Strahm is the hot add currently so thinking about jumping on that bandwagon. Categories and team below, and also in my signature. 12 team, 5 keeper (4 Years), H2H. 2 pickups per week. Categories: R, HR, RBI, SB, OBP, SLG // IP, W, SV, K, ERA, WHIP C) Sanchez 1B) Bellinger 2B) Moncada 3B) Bregman SS) Correa OF (x3)) Acuna, Bryant, Eaton UTIL (x2)) M. Cabrera, D. Santana SP) Buehler, Bumgarner, Tanaka, Hendricks, Happ, Arrieta, McHugh, Wacha, D. Rodriquez, An. Sanchez RP) Vizcaino, Strop, Barnes Thanks for helping, and leave your links below if you have a question that needs answering!
  13. I've found every time I go into a draft saying "I'll get this guy, then grab this guy, then my team will look like this!" I end up missing on many of those targets, and scrambling. As mentioned you need a backup plan for sure. Even if it's just as simple as having 3-4 targets per draft pick and adjusting during the draft if needed.
  14. Buehler easily for me. Young stud pitcher at a nothing cost. Good luck!
  15. Yep I do that. McCullers should be better than Stroman for the future. Add on a prospect, saving salary, and not much of a loss this season? Done.