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  1. Drafting With No Knowledge?

    Difficulty is that it kind of needs to be a big man since there are 2 center slots and Morris is my only bench center. A couple options there would be Len or Hernangomez?
  2. Drafting With No Knowledge?

    Yeah Nurkic was kept mostly because of lack of options. I don't forsee him being kept next year and hopefully if all goes well Ayton and Doncic could be keepers?
  3. Hey guys, I'm not much of a basketball watcher so I don't know a lot about the players. But since I'm in a 4 sport league I have to draft a basketball team. The good news is that I got some solid keepers, but I'm wondering how you guys think I did with the rest of the draft. 14 team H2H league Categories: FG%, FT%, 3PM, PTS, REB, AST, STL, BLK, TO PG R. Westbrook (Keeper) SG K. Leonard (Keeper) G J. Teague (78th overall) SF K. Durant (Keeper) PF A. Gordon (Keeper) F K. Kuzma (101st overall) C D. Ayton (73rd overall) C J. Nurkic (Keeper) BE L. Doncic (87th overall) BE D. Russell (115th overall) BE J. Hart (129th overall) BE M. Morris (143rd overall) BE R. Gay (157th overall) So how do you guys think I did? Where could I improve? Any moves I should make? I appreciate any help. Thanks
  4. Michel or Clement?

    Clement in all formats. Has more of a defined role.
  5. Traded For Adams? (WHIR)

    Fair enough! I'm thinking Hyde will carry me through the Mixon injury and by then Michel/Johnson will be more heavily featured, but maybe I'm just higher on the young guys. Hopefully it works out
  6. Made a trade today to offload some of my depth. Wondering what you guys think of it? With Jeffrey getting closer and Hyde emerging as a legitimate option I think it allowed me to make this move in an attempt to upgrade my flex. Gave: A. Collins, D. Thomas Recieved: D. Adams 10 Team Yahoo 0.5 PPR QB D. Brees WR K. Allen WR M. Evans RB T. Gurley RB C. Hyde TE T. Burton FLEX D. Adams K W. Lutz DEF Chicago BE A. Jeffrey BE C. Davis BE K. Johnson BE S. Michel BE C. Hogan BE FA (Crowder/Barber) IR J. Mixon So what do you think? Mixon will re-take the RB2 job upon his return making Hyde my first RB off the bench. Appreciate the responses, leave your links below!
  7. Julian Edelman 2018 Outlook

    Yeah I'd say this won't do much to Edelman's value, and will take a chunk out of Hogan and Dorsett instead.
  8. Ww help?

    Enunwa or Marshall for me. Leaning Enunwa in full PPR.
  9. Yep. Definitely wait out the WW period at the very least. Never know what may happen. The deal above is likely an overpayment as stated.
  10. I think if you made this move you would regret it almost immediately. Davis looks ready to make huge strides in his second year and with Walker out is without question the #1 guy. Factoring in a keeper value that looks relatively solid in comparison to Hogan, he's a stud. Watson might not be the answer, but this can't be either. Watson will be a fine stop gap in the meantime.
  11. Which QB in Week 2 Flacco Or Bortles?

    Flacco for sure.
  12. Who should I drop for Stills?

    Alright. Would still drop Carson for him. Thompson is the best player listed in your post.
  13. WR/TE Waiver Help - WHIR!

    I would grab Kittle if you can because of the potential value he brings. And if you can snag him then deal a TE to a Walker/Olsen owner you'll come out ahead.
  14. Trade Robbie Anderson for Trey Burton - WHIR

    I'd make that deal. Burton would help a lot after the loss of Olsen and Robby is further down your depth chart.
  15. Who should I drop for Stills?

    You ABSOLUTELY need to get Thompson. He's a high end RB in PPR. Drop Shepard.