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  1. Rhys with a 3-run homer!
  2. The Pirates have no chance against Dick tonight.
  3. Donaldson...
  4. Talk about not coming through in the clutch. Beckham, Machado, and Schoop struck out with two men on base and no outs.
  5. Blown save from Britton.
  6. Britton with the blown save. Not a very sharp performance.
  7. Way to grind it out, Mikey.
  8. Meh, I'll take two starts from him next week.
  9. Goodnight, sweet prince. Hopefully Oh can be a serviceable closer ROS.
  10. Rosario. Help with mine?
  11. Gausman is your drop. Help with mine?
  12. If I owned Goldy, I would want more. Help with mine?
  13. I also don't think either guy should be rostered in a 10 team league. I like Bundy more than Nova, however. Help with mine?
  14. JDM. Help with mine?