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  1. He should be selected in the third round. If healthy, he will produce like a second round player.
  2. I am also a die hard Angels fan, and I agree with you said about the Lasagna Monster. He is as stubborn as any manager I have ever seen. I can't wait until he gets the boot, but Moreno loves the guy.
  3. Solid team. Offense looks good. Starting pitching is strong with Arrieta and Verlander leading the way. Diaz is outstanding. 8/10.
  4. Scherzer > Thor > Bum.
  5. When are you targeting him?
  6. Thor is ranked as the #3 SP on Yahoo, but Sale could be available.
  7. Schwarber is the correct answer.
  8. I wouldn't mind. Rizzo + Correa would be a good combo. Then again, Goldschmidt + Seager would also do.
  9. I like Terrence Francona.
  10. Same here. If you told me that Thor, Bum, and Sale would throw the same (or similar) amount of innings this season, I would unequivocally take Thor.
  11. This.
  12. That makes sense. I am just really hoping that Paxton can make 30 starts and doesn't get shut down before fantasy playoffs. He seems like he would be an excellent SP3.
  13. My Angels have no shot. Scioscia is a blithering fool.
  14. I would put him behind Kershaw again, but Thor is close. I know that Scherzer dropped blow Thor and Bum on Yahoo.
  15. I actually like Altuve more than Bryant and Arenado.