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  1. if money league
  2. . As active as they come
  3. MFL Keeper Needs Replcmnt - active, knowledgeable and competitive owner, will talk further upon email
  4. Everybody in the league hates you and wants their money back lmaooo. You’re a terrible commish
  5. Google this guy’s name. He’s s joke and a cheater
  6. Replacement Manager

    Money league?
  7. . Ready to lay the smack down
  8. Dynasty League Orphans available

    I’ll take hanging with mahomies.
  9. 20 dollar dynasty league orphan
  10. keeper league orphan

    Did he pay?
  11. I’m in.
  12. A’s
  13. Don’t need anymore info, let’s do this thing.
  14. Why the hell did i get the boot?!
  15. New team available
  16. Also sent email a while ago
  17. Going to pay, just got banged for overtime. Will pay when i get home