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  1. A’s
  2. Don’t need anymore info, let’s do this thing.
  3. Why the hell did i get the boot?!
  4. New team available
  5. Also sent email a while ago
  6. Going to pay, just got banged for overtime. Will pay when i get home
  7. Looks great brother. I’m in.
  8. Can i see team?
  9. Looks great and i check all the things you’re looking for.
  10. I’ll take the first team. looks great
  11. Money league 25.00

    What the hell man? I joined and was making moves and look at my roster and am booted the following day? Was waiting on an invite to pay the league fee, what is going on?
  12. Money league 25.00 looks great
  13. Love the group me component. will join and get involved right away
  14. Don’t need to see any other details. This is exactly what I’m looking for and will pay fee for next year in advance
  15. to see roster
  16. Looking for 2 owners - 16 Team Dynasty H2H Most Cats

    If so I’ll take the cubs
  17. Can i see the full rosters of team 2 and 3?
  18. Would like to see prices