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  1. I too am thinking about this pickup. I have Noah and, with his s--- schedule next week, I'm considering dropping him for this fella.
  2. Nope - this was two separate deadline day deals! Lavine, Gordon, Ayton for Giannis + THJ and Bledsoe+Gallo for LeBron OK that's what I was thinking! Hopefully it pans out for the best! All depends on waiver pickups though!
  3. Depends on what you need. Isaac gives your scarcer stats (stocks) but Reggie gives you great triples, points, assists, and has a better playoff schedule
  4. Just traded Lavine, Gallinari, Ayton, Bledsoe, Aaron Gordon for LeBron, Giannis, and Tim Hardaway Jr in my punt ft squad (have KAT, Drummond, winslow, levert, tj warren, avery bradley, noah, bullock, and miles bridges as my other guys). 12 team/9 cat. Who wins?
  5. Um. My dawg needs to take a shot attempt. Laying me a phat egg at the half.
  6. Buddy and Jarrett Allen is your best bet. Elite triples and decent blocks. Good return haul!
  7. He got 19 mins with Portis out a few games back. Portis was out for a while in November + December and WCJ still stunk it up. Take your own advice, a**hole. Bobby might be a small contributor but I don't think he's the major factor, especially with WCJ splitting the majority of his mins with RoLo.
  8. Guy is killing it right now. Is he back for good? Why is he doing better recently? Sell high or ride the wave?