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  1. Zero or just Rendon. Not sure which would hurt worse.
  2. Murphy may have the best bat control going in the bigs right now. He can get to pretty much any pitch and be in a good position to barrel it up. Dudes impressive.
  3. The way he is able to stay back on breaking stuff is incredible. If he can hang in like that all season with the easy power he is the limit. It's a quick twitch swing too so I don't think velocity is the adjustment. Pitchers are going to have to find zone he doesn't like and hit it to beat him. He looks like a legit 100 walk 35 HR bat to me.
  4. With a guy this consistent, absent some obvious new information, just bank on him performing as he always has and roll with the ups and downs. That's baseball. For every player. Every season. Its a game of streaks.
  5. No surgery tells me rotator cuff and labrum are intact. No neurovascular issues. Pretty good news really. The two month timeframe is pure speculation. It may be accurate, but it will depend on how quickly inflammation and pain subside. I have no inside info, but if I was betting on it I would bet the under.
  6. Has there been anything more reported than bruised ribs and an AC joint sprain? No word of rotator cuff, labral, or neurovascular injury, correct?
  7. I don't think he has any greater odds of getting "popped" than any other guy playing in MLB right now.
  8. Human beings can be assets just as much so as inanimate objects. The term is a positive connotation of the value he provides to his team. Their is no ownership implied nor does it imply any restriction of rights. It doesn't dehumanize him. If it works better for ya just substitute the term contributor or something along those lines as the meaning would read identically. Semantics. Now did I hear something about a partially torn rotator cuff?
  9. Osuna butchered 2 balls that combined led to 7 earned. He was getting tagged, but no clue how all 9 of those ended up earned.
  10. Not sure if a finger counts as a limb but it sounds like this guy might know something about the topic from his user name.
  11. Absent a fracture or actual disruption of the AC joint the fact of the matter is even the docs can't really put a timetable on a recovery. With soft tissue injuries it's just a wait and see, case by case basis. He could get feeling better sooner, it may take longer. Ya just have to wait and see how quick a healer MadBum is. I haven't heard any type of truly concerning injuries reported so far. Sounds like he's battered but intact. Nothing that should limit performance once he's feeling up to speed.
  12. Base runners were on via base hit and would of scored on the HR regardless of the error.
  13. Great post Rabbit. Spot on.
  14. Giles was warming up in the pen after the Cron single.
  15. No doubt. Maybe MLB should market basically every suspension handed down as marijuana or Adderall and distance themselves from the PED talk as the NFL has.