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  1. Now that the automatic walk is a thing, they ought to just let Story take an automatic K if he has to face Kershaw. Simpler for everyone that way.
  2. Man, Faria looks like the real deal to me. Probably doesn't have the arsenal to be a true #1, but seems like he could d be a very solid mid rotation guy.
  3. While I understand the reasoning behind what's being said about the showcase for a trade thing, realistically what is the return for any of the names mentioned? I'm guessing a fringe prospect, maybe a couple of em at best. No one is giving up anything of value for those guys. Seems to me they are screwing with the development of a possible cornerstone player, to acquire no shot/long shot likely meaningless assets. Regardless of how its framed, yet again, this organization is simply proving it's incompetence when it comes to player development.
  4. The Mets are easily the worst organization in the league in terms of managing their young talent. Harvey, Conforto, Rosario...they've done their best to wreck DeGrom and Matz too. Maybe they wouldn't have to feature guys like Granderson or Bruce if they'd pull their collective heads outta their backsides. There are so many successful models out there to follow with both young SPs and bat's that I don't understand how the decision makers in this organization are still employed.
  5. Yep you are right. I read the PbP wrong. I still have the impression that when my SPs are giving up infield hits runs are scoring at a really high rate.
  6. GFD, every time my SP gives up an infield hit they come around to score. Every GD time. Damn it Berrios.
  7. Faria is off to a damn impressive start to his career. Rookie pitchers and all, but there is definitely something TB fans should be excited about here.
  8. Roberts gotta be getting an itchy trigger with Wood. I mean good hell he's almost at 50 pitches. Can't risk that kinda abuse.
  9. No matter how bad he's been, he's still one of the handful of players going I would buy a ticket just to watch him, and him alone, play. Fantasy aside, as a fan of the game, I love this kid.
  10. X2. Kid has as much movement on his stuff as anyone I've seen throw. If he has indeed harnessed his command issues he's a front of the rotation #1 in the Mike Mussina mold.
  11. Deserves it for walking friggin Greg Garcia. Damn it.
  12. Hot, winds blowing out to dead center. Vegas has the O/U for the game at 11.5, highest on today's slate, with the Rocks scoring 4.66. I'm betting the over and sitting him. Going with Nola, God help me.
  13. How is that last run on Stroman earned? Nvm, got changed to unearned.
  14. No options in my daily league. He's all I got and that's the only reason I would roll him out there today.
  15. Really nice outing for CC. Pretty good lineup to control so completely, 2 XBH: 0 walks. Impressive. Great stretch for the fat, old man.