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  1. The two-way player issue...

    I whole heartedly agree that turning one MLB player into two fantasy players, one a hitter and one a pitcher as if they were completely unique players is ridiculous. I think its far more plausible that on the days an owner puts him in a pitching slot he acquires pitching stats and on the days he is in a hitting slot he acquires hitting stats, not both simultaneously regardless of the position he is started in. That said, I don't know how complex a change it is for the coding to be implemented to allow this. I just know I don't want to see one player eating up two roster spots or even worse a single roster spot on two different teams.
  2. 9/23 - GAME DAY THREAD

    GD it Trout. I need the best player in the game back. Today!
  3. 9/23 - GAME DAY THREAD

    Man, Trouts late season swoon is killing me. Come on Mike!
  4. Head 2 head playoff updates.

    Down 0-3 thanks to Godley, Wood, and Martinez's flat outings in combination with a Trout led punchless offense. This after finishing first in both record and total points. Yeah, baseball!
  5. Carlos Martinez 2017 Outlook

    Obviously don't know Martinez personally, but strikes me as a kid with all the arm talent in the world that struggles with the mental/emotional part of the game and that prevents him from reaching his potential. Not sure if head case is the exact correct word to describe that, but that's where my use stems from.
  6. Carlos Martinez 2017 Outlook

    Down 0-2 in the championship and hating the fact I have to rely on his head case to keep my hopes alive.
  7. Im 100% on the side of doing whatever it takes to get it right as often as possible, but I also 100% agree with the above. I have essentially zero question that an automated system would be both more accurate and more consistent than humans are capable of and I think any fears expressed in hacking/tampering is pure hyperbole. That said, I would be disgusted to see replay applied to calling balls and strikes.
  8. 9/19 - GAME DAY THREAD

    WTF Godley? Plugged you in over Nola and this is how you start out?
  9. Shohei Otani - SP/OF Japan

    Agreed. We are just looking at it from different angles. That said, I guess my more fundamental issue is if Otani the pitcher and Otani the hitter end up on different teams. There is one Shoehei Otani the player, only one team should get to "own" that players production per league. Id have far less problem burning two slots on him than having him on two altogether separate teams. At the end of it tho, IMO....unique player means unique value.
  10. That's why I don't advocate for a completely automated zone. Its a hypothetical, but Id hate to see a reviewed ball 2 changed on replay to a strike because the laces touched the outside edge of the zone. That's not the goal IMO. I just want the umps union to allow the tech we have to be implemented to make them better and more consistent with their job. I enjoy the entertainment of arguing a close one. I don't enjoy seeing a great hitter rung up on a ball that is clearly 5 inches outside or a great pitcher giving up ERs because the up screwed him out of calls right down the middle earlier in the count. Worse yet, an ump ruining an entire game by calling them inconsistently or in a manner obviously favoring hitters or pitchers. When a guy is not calling the zone, they should get in game feedback, besides irate players and fans, to let them know they need to adjust. IMO that's the role we need tech to play at this point.
  11. Why are you swinging at that pitch? What the hell are you doing playing a pull hitter up the middle? Damn it man lay out and catch that ball. F yea man way to work the count and get your pitch. Why are you throwing the GD curve when the guys late on your FB? Etc, etc. There's any myriad number of non-ump generated things happening in a game that make it interesting. There's far more to the sport the than discussing the rare close call. Again tho, I do want the umps making the close calls at the plate. I just don't want the umps imposing individual zones or repeatedly blowing the obvious ones. If the guy is calling em 4 inches off the plate or not calling em right down the middle there needs to be a method to correct them in game, and its not to force the players to adjust. For what it's worth I'm in your age group too. Count me as tired of seeing great players games effected by bad umping.
  12. I fall somewhere in between I guess. I do think the umps should get to be the final arbiter of balls on the black. I don't think they should regularly get to call balls incorrectly that are clearly in or out if the zone. They also should not have the discretion to make up their own zones and force both hitters and pitchers to adjust to their personal whim. I really do think the best use of tech is as a teaching tool to get pitch to pitch and ump to ump consistency. The goal should be to minimize the effect individual umps tendencies impact the game. The umps union will fight tooth and nail against any possible implementation, positive or not, of tech that they will view as threatening their authority. I get where rich 22 is coming from. Personally, I'd rather argue or celebrate player driven discussion than ump driven discussion.
  13. I think the umps are amazingly good at a really tough job. That said, I don't see any reason tech can't be used to make them better. Maybe just an audible tone in the umps ear when the tech system calls it a strike. If nothing else I think something like this would lead to more consistency between umps.
  14. Shohei Otani - SP/OF Japan

    That would be brutal to have acquired Otani in multiple dynasty leagues only to see him somehow divided into two players, one a SP and the other a hitter. More ridiculous still if owners only get to own half a player simply because a few simple subroutines can't be edited.