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  1. If I'm running an MLB team it's Correa and its not very close. If I'm running a fantasy team it's damn close. And... Im not running an MLB team just for the record.
  2. Damn good discussion guys. Tao, you are killing it. I was all set to keep Bregman over Story but you are making me reconsider that hard-core. Appreciate both perspectives here. The differing takes are what make this hobby fun.
  3. Probably fair. It's not a true dynasty league. Keeper was likely the correct term. Each year we can keep 8 players and can do so as long as we choose. These guys are vying for my 8th keeper spot. So, 3 votes Cano, 2 votes Bregman, 2 votes Story. Thanks for your input guys. Much appreciated.
  4. In a keep forever OBP dynasty league. Ks are negative points. This year Bregman qualifies everywhere except 1B and C. What do ya'll think?
  5. Choose 2: Villar Story Cano Bregman Keep forever league. OBP. Keep 8 total. Other keepers are Trout, Betts, Votto, Turner, Arrieta, and MadBum Thoughts?
  6. Why would anyone think this is a ceiling for Betts? Do folks think this season is an outlier? 23 with the type of skills growth he is demonstrating across the board makes me think this is his new normal with true outliers seasons projected up not downwards from where we are now.
  7. Dayum! Kids a superstar.
  8. I agree there were likely no visible signs of recurrence or exacerbation of the blister. No one is "seeing tenderness" or "seeing heat". I think that's a lot of retrospective justification. I guess I just don't see it as an either or scenario. I think they could have both proceeded cautiously and given him his shot at history. Ya can never lose going the safe rather than sorry route and it's tough to fault folks who take that angle. Given the way it evolved I just don't see it as a safe vs sorry call personally. I see it as a predetermined pitch count vs context call. Roberts stuck with the number rather than trusting his pitcher. That's what I find fault with.
  9. ^^^^^ I don't think that's obvious at all. I think he went out there with a predetermined pitch count and they pulled him at the number regardless of situation. I think Roberts was gutless and rolled with the count because that's what he had been told to do. Sure more pitches could result in blister concerns, but if there was anything visible that a trainer or Roberts could see they had already done the damage. If he makes his next start the talk on blister issues is proven BS. If it was reddened and/or inflamed it won't be healed in 5 days. That's not how it works. If medical made the call to pull him I will withdraw my Roberts criticism, but if medical made the call to pull him he won't be making his next start and we will know how it went down.
  10. Pretty talented trainer to be able to "see tenderness".
  11. He definitely should lose sleep. That's some well earned insomnia Dave.
  12. You can listen to your 37 yo veteran pitcher and deviate from the plan. The blister is right damn there just take a look. If there's no issue and the guy says he's good you give him his chance at history. Straight trash move on Roberts part.
  13. A guys at 89 pitches with a perfect game within reach and ya pull him? Blister or no, you go with what your pitcher is telling you as a manager in that situation If he says he's good you leave him in til he proves that wrong. Blatant disrespect on Roberts part not listening to Hills input.
  14. Kids a ballplayer for real.
  15. 280? That's not right. Nope. Not even close. 210 maybe. 220 tops