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  1. 3rd really strong start in a row from him. He definitely has my attention.
  2. Burned a roster move just in case it is Honeywell. He's the kind of prospect I'd rather waste resources on than miss out on. I just don't see any other potential impact arms getting the call to a rotation this season.
  3. Love me some MadBum, but damn it's frustrating watching him give up homers to nobodies. It's totally anecdotal on my part, but dude seems to do it more often than a pitcher of his caliber should.
  4. Gausman is just a meat chucker.
  5. Never chase wins. Chase skills. The wins will work themselves out.
  6. Really nice deal for the White Sox in my opinion. I thought Quintana might have lost some value with his performance this season, but I think they would have netted a similar package preseason so I guess not.
  7. True. My bitterness runs deep here. Lol.
  8. At least he chipped in a CS to help me keep my hate alive.
  9. Yep. Can't chase Ws. Just roster the skills and let that sort itself out.
  10. I can't stand stupid baseball. Watching Ross nibble to Inciarte and Camargo just to face Freeman is as bad of a sequence as I can think of. Moronic.
  11. Had my choice of Devenski or Knebel to fill my RP spot. Went Devo. Who woulda thunk I made a good call there? Damn it.
  12. Reminds me of Marcel Ozuna 2.0. Could be on a similar path power wise with a little more speed to boot.
  13. I am probably getting ahead of myself here, but with this kids contact skills, speed, and Coors I think it's very possible he leads the league in BA within the next few seasons. Love the profile here.
  14. With his health history, I'm fine with the kid glove treatment.
  15. Lol. True. Griping before thinking on my side.