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  1. Pascal Siakam 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Drafted him in 2 leagues and dropped him in one, can’t say it’s my finest move as an owner lol. Hurts me every time seeing him beast for another team in that particular league. With that being said, his spin move is already one of the deadliest moves in the league and his speed and finishing ability in transition is elite, along with the ability to defend all 5 positions. Once his three ball kicks in oh boy, we potentially may be looking at an All NBA Team player and it’s not that far fetched. At the very least, this man will be an all star this year. Great story also with him not being an elite recruit who worked his a** off to get where he is.
  2. ROS Breakouts

    Kennard and Blossomgame are intriguing. I’m making the add if Avery drops another dud tomorrow. It’s a shame he can’t do more with the minutes he’s getting.
  3. Waiver Wire Thread - Week 9 ending 12/16

    Luke Kennard balling now - Stanley is trash and hurt, Bullock was great last year but hurt this year, Robinson III has been trash in the starting lineup so far and Galloway is better suited to a microwave role off the bench. Thoughts on the dude who was drafted just before Donovan Mitchell?
  4. Waiver Wire Thread - Week 8 ending 12/9

    Smart and Bradley are intriguing - who is the better ROS add?
  5. No thread for this guy? Back to back strong games and is getting huge minutes for an up and coming team. He put put up a great fantasy season a few years ago, seems to be finally healthy and his defense is needed. I’m picking him wherever I can as he seems to be locked in for 30 plus minutes each night.
  6. Waiver wire thread- week 7 ending 12/2

    Can think of a few names who should be available in deeper leagues: Bam - more of a stash, but just had 2 monster games. I personally picked him up over the reeling Zach Collins. Avery Bradley - no breakout games yet, but look at his minutes. I’m betting he can be a cheap 2 3s and 1.5 steals guy with all that burn. Huerter - he is now a starter, keep an eye on him. Nwaba - starting now, Sexton plays better with him because he guards the best player of the opposing team and also been playing a lot of minutes lately. Galloway - he provides nothing else but this boy can shoot the lights out. Think Ellington from last year.
  7. Gary Clark 2018-19 Season Outlook

    Three 3s, 7 rebounds and 2 blocks. Fantasy gold, I’m holding and see what he does the next few games.
  8. Gary Clark 2018-19 Season Outlook

    His minutes seem to be guaranteed to at least be in the 20s though. I think only Gerald Green could be an obstacle, that team needs wing depth badly. And he is a better defender than Green, plus Ennis is garbage. If you’re in a deep league, pick him up. At the very least he could be a more consistent PJ Tucker.
  9. Waiver wire thread- week 5 ending 11/17

    Will see first how he does with Butler in the lineup but keep your eyes on Furkan Korkmaz. Could be an outstanding 3s and steals contributor.
  10. Brook Lopez 2018-2018 Season Outlook

    He is doing what Thon Maker is supposed to be doing.
  11. Waiver wire thread- week 4 ending 11/11

    My moves are up for the week, and now I’m itching to get Gary Clark as well with the Melo news. Could be a good source of 3s and stocks if nothing else. Hoping no one picks him up, I thought Mikal Bridges was a good get but he’s droppable at this point with TJ Warren being back.
  12. Still debating whether to pick up Chandler or Muscala.
  13. Waiver wire thread- week 4 ending 11/11

    Langston Galloway. Closed the game earlier and brings the badly needed shooting for Detroit.
  14. Omari Spellman 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    He is a no brainer add but too bad Collins is on that team. Spellman’s game is definitely more fantasy friendly tho.
  15. Waiver wire thread- week 4 ending 11/11

    Mikal Bridges. Warren was back tonight but he still got 27 minutes. Looking to be a good add ROS.