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  1. Willie Cauley-Stein 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Take me to the promised land! Sold high on Jonas and his putrid PO sched for the 4-4-4 goodness of WCS. Let’s go!
  2. Landry Shamet Season Outlook 2018-19

    Don’t. MEM’s PO schedule is trash.
  3. NBA Trade Season 2018-2019

    Thanks man. I’ll have to add the LA guys just because of their PO sched. Here’s to hoping Motley gets more run. Sick of adding and dropping Bradley haha
  4. NBA Trade Season 2018-2019

    McRae Svi Kennard Finney Smith Felicio Deep leaguers, who are you eyeing? All these guys have great PO scheds. I might me missing a few but these are the guys I’m eyeing. Waiting to unload Zizic and Kanter if the latter isn’t traded. of course, a few more could pop up with some new trades, especially on the Lakers if they do the AD deal. Bullock could be a nice get.
  5. Jordan McRae 18-19 season outlook

    Not a great game today though. Jabari and Portis also are coming. Still worth a pickup? That PO sched is gold.
  6. Ivan Rabb 2019 Season Outlook

    Yes but you do have to consider Willy nonetheless. I’m waiting to pull the trigger. Unfortunately, MEM has a 2 game PO sched for the opening week of the playoffs.
  7. Enes Kanter 2018-2019 Outlook

    If he’s not traded, he’s a drop but I’ve held him this long. The Knicks also have a putrid playoff schedule to consider. Diallo is interesting off waivers but of course have to wait for the deadline for the possible pieces coming back to the Pels IF AD gets traded.
  8. Jonas Valanciunas 2018-19 Season Outlook

    Added. God bless this forum. Dropped in a deep league.
  9. Anthony Davis Season Outlook 2018-2019

    My thoughts exactly. But whoever gets traded, the only sure thing right now is beast Jrue down the stretch.
  10. Waiver wire thread- week ending 1/27

    Forgot the 🙄 smiley haha I thought it was automatically implied that was sarcastic. He’s the famous 2 years away from 2 years guy and his measurables are even more insane than Giannis if you look it up which is why he was compared to him. With that being said hope he gets a chance to revive his career. All bets are off but the return of Slo Mo won’t help things.
  11. Waiver wire thread- week ending 1/27

    Bruno "Next Giannis" Caboclo had a nice game today, a name to at least keep an eye on for the tanking Grizz.
  12. Waiver wire thread- week ending 1/27

    In deep leagues - Ferguson should be a good source of 3s and steals. Been getting heavy burn recently. Roberson is still missing in action with no updates. for the Dipo injury, I missed out on Tyreke and Holiday seems enticing. CoJo is in line for more minutes though but his skillset is not appealing.
  13. Just as the thread states, I’m in need of advice for my 2 leagues both without IR, H2H 9 Cat. 14 Team League: Holding Kornet and Baze, but I’m thinking to drop to stash JVal. I’m leaning towards dropping Baze in the process since his latest update has him out another two weeks which hopefully should coincide with JV’s return. Huerter has been balling out lately and Hawks has no incentive to play Baze over him except for a trade showcase. For reference, I am comfortably in 2nd place and gunning for the first spot. This team is also a punt block one with Jokic as the centerpiece for JV’s fit is perfect. For Kornet, I’m looking to drop him for a hot FA with a good PO sched and ROS Outlook. I’m tempted to get Derrick Jones Jr. but wary of the inconsistent playing time. Other options is Cody who should be getting back too as well as Bembry for the all around stats. Thoughts? 16 Team League: Holding Kornet, looking for a hot FA also with a good PO sched. The waiver is dry and Noel is intriguing because of his stocks which I need but he is entrenched firmly as Adams’ backup. Derrick Jones, Zeller, Bjelica, Nance are the options. I am in 3rd place in this league and comfortably in the playoffs. Holding Jval also so I’m wary of holding another INJ player. Punt assist build for reference. Appreciate all your comments!
  14. Derrick Jones Jr. 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Perfect stat package for my team and he got a nice line tonight, but the minutes are inconsistent. I just dropped him but tempted to pick him back up again. In a deep league, he is fantasy gold. Thoughts?
  15. Ante Zizic 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    All hail the garbage man! Picked him up with my last move last week just before Zubac exploded against the Thunder. I just hope I picked up the right Euro big.