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  1. What about Derrick White people? How much of a threat is he?
  2. What do we project the starting 5 to be? Rozier Bacon Batum Bridges Zeller Monk is better suited to the microwave role anyway. Man this Hornets team is going to suck next year.
  3. You heard it here first: sleeper of the year. With the Hornets projected to be the worst team this upcoming season, someone has to step up from that atrocious starting lineup. While Rozier seems to be the popular sleeper because he is replacing Kemba, I am not a believer and he hasn't even shot above 40% for his career. Bacon is a bulldog on defense and improved his 3 point shot significantly last year. How do you guys project his numbers to be?
  4. Anyone here thinks OKC got the better of LAC on that trade? If they can flip Wesbtbrook for even more picks, salary relief and a young big blue chipper to play with SGA, then Presti strikes once again. OKC had all the leverage and believe Presti milked the hell out of that trade. Can't never count that dude out.
  5. Dropped him for Shamet. LAC starts their 4 game week tomorrow and you have to add him now to maximize your games place. If your rebounds and steals are solid I suggest you make the move. Zizic is back and Nance was trending down anyway. If you need a a big with a good schedule this week take Wagner.
  6. 14 team H2H. I am in first place and debating whether i should cut Jrue for someonr with a good PO sched like Shamet (i need the 3s) or Hart. Seeding doesnt matter in H2H playoffs if you get eliminated, but at the same time its hard to drop a player like Jrue only to have him suit up for a team that you might face. Thoughts? Leaning towards dropping because of the uncertainty and the best case scenario is him getting out there for the 2nd round of playoffs.
  7. Not to brag, but I'm the first seed in my league and I think there is a possibility I can still hold next week for the win. Or should I play it safe and get a 4 game streamer instead in his slot? We are in a deep league and Shamet is a decent replacement I'm eyeing who has a good PO sched also, but of course less assists and steals than Jrue. It would especially suck if I drop Jrue only to have him play on the second week of the POs on a different team, but it would also suck if you had the first seed and bomb out of the first round also haha. I'm in a dilemma here. Jrue was a beast - ranked 12th I think.
  8. Absolutely brutal my man, way to go just in time for the first round next week. Good thing is I'm a high seed, and hopefully I can win next week without this stud but if things get shaky mid next week I'll have to drop. He has been a machine and its a shame for us fantasy owners. You all really think he won't play again? Dropping right now for a guy with a solid PO sched seems a sensible move if that is indeed the direction, I would'nt want to hold him next week and wait for nothing.
  9. Take me to the promised land! Sold high on Jonas and his putrid PO sched for the 4-4-4 goodness of WCS. Let’s go!
  10. Thanks man. I’ll have to add the LA guys just because of their PO sched. Here’s to hoping Motley gets more run. Sick of adding and dropping Bradley haha
  11. McRae Svi Kennard Finney Smith Felicio Deep leaguers, who are you eyeing? All these guys have great PO scheds. I might me missing a few but these are the guys I’m eyeing. Waiting to unload Zizic and Kanter if the latter isn’t traded. of course, a few more could pop up with some new trades, especially on the Lakers if they do the AD deal. Bullock could be a nice get.
  12. Not a great game today though. Jabari and Portis also are coming. Still worth a pickup? That PO sched is gold.
  13. Yes but you do have to consider Willy nonetheless. I’m waiting to pull the trigger. Unfortunately, MEM has a 2 game PO sched for the opening week of the playoffs.