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  1. need 1 owner for ESPN keeper league. you keep 5 and the owner of this team will get first pick. Team ned some work but has some usable pieces here is the team: if interested
  2. This is the team
  3. I have an opening for ESPN Money league. $25 buyin and $5 a keeper up to 10
  4. I have opening in 12 team dynasty it's in ESPN as well. Have prospect list in pro-forums that can be promoted. let me know
  5. Email: Keeper league where you can keep 0-10 people
  6. Team: if interested email: you can keep up to 10 keepers at $5 a piece. You do not have to keep any but if you draft anyone who is currently on your team before round 10 the cost will be $8 for each player. For those not kept you will get additional pick at the beginning of the draft. (EX: if you keep 5 players your first pick will be in round 6 if you keep all 10 your first pick will be in round 11.) The entry fee is $25.
  7. I'd be interested in Team 2. Complete redraft right? I commish 4 leagues and have been playing fantasy baseball for 10 years now.