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  1. We have an abandoned team looking for a new owner. The league settings are here: The highlights: 16 teams, FREE ESPN league, 6x6 H2H (standard 5x5 plus OPS and Holds), teams designate 6 to 10 keepers each year, FAAB season budget is $200 (NOT real money), each Add will require a minimum $1 bid (again ... NOT real money). The available team is here: This team has great potential with Gleyber, Dozier, Blackmon, Odubel, Severino, Keuchel, and others. If you're interested, e-mail me at
  2. Our Yahoo league is entering its 12th season with a good core group of members. We do need to fill one vacancy. It's a free league - no fees or prizes of any kind - and there are no keepers, so each season is a fresh start. The settings are pretty standard EXCEPT that we carry 6 IDP slots and there is some scoring emphasis on QB efficiency: each completion scores +0.5 and each incomplete pass scores -0.5. The draft is set for August 29. The complete settings are here: If you're interested, email me at Thanks!
  3. I know of one 2018 opening in my 12-team H2H 6x6 Cats ESPN league. The league is currently a re-draft league (no keepers), but it will be transitioning to a keeper league (sort of) after next season. I say "sort of" because the keeper aspect will be limited. The 2018 draft order will be randomly set by ESPN, and all teams will be drafting full 31-man rosters. After next season, all teams will designate EXACTLY 2 keepers to carry into the 2019 season. That 2-keeper rule will continue into future seasons with one stipulation: No player may be designated as a keeper in consecutive seasons. Like I said, the keeper aspect is limited. Anyway, I would like to get a replacement owner lined up NOW. If you're interested, e-mail me at Here are the league settings: (The settings currently show a 4-team Championship bracket with each playoff round lasting 2 weeks. Once this becomes a keeper league (2019), that will change to the standard 6-team Championship bracket with one week per matchup.) Thanks. Pete K.