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  1. With those punts I'd probably do it. He's probably a top 3 player for your build.
  2. I'm not sure Nurkic is a sell high. He'll finish in the top 50, and I'm not sure you can sell much higher than that.
  3. Whoever got Kemba won. If you're punting FG% and TO you should consider trading for Westbrook.
  4. Mitchell is tricky because he was overdrafted. His efficiency should improve, but not by much. If you want to buy him treat him as a 3rd round pick (which he should've been).
  5. This thread is ridiculous. A player who's had 2 average games is not a buy low candidate. You'll just insult the owner if you offer trash after 2 average games. A player who's about come back from injury isn't a buy low candidate either - their owner stashed them for weeks, and now that he's about to play you want to buy for peanuts? No chance. True buy low players are guys like Otto Porter, who has been consistently trash but is capable of playing a lot better.
  6. I tried to buy Gallo for a reasonable price. The owner wanted PG13.
  7. I think Bryn Forbes should be picked up in most leagues. His combination of threes, points and FG% is very valuable.
  8. I guess it depends on the needs of your team, but in isolation Jokic and Jrue are better.
  9. You got a steal. He'd be a steal even at 100, but I thought he'd last another round.
  10. Well here's the thing, you have 3 stars and 10 players who could easily end up outside the top 80. Be agressive on the wire. Maybe try trading Harden for two top 20 players.
  11. Never bid for a player you can't afford, even if that means someone will get him cheap. If your league is a 10 or 12 teamer you are more or less ****** with this team.
  12. He was picked with the 110th pick in my league. I was targeting him with the 111th pick. I should've picked him earlier.
  13. Punt 3pt teams usually happen automatically when you punt FT%. With AD and Butler you don't have to punt threes, but your team looks good.
  14. Most of your advice is good. Except for the STICK TO YOUR PLAN part. The idea in auction drafts is to have no specific plan going in. A few years ago everyone in my league decided to go with a balanced team before the draft even started. Top 10 players were going for 60-50$ at the start. So I got two top 10 players for 110$ combined in the first few rounds while everyone overpayed for players who are typically taken in the second round.