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  1. Michael Lorenzen (CIN) Joe Biagini (TOR) Liam Hendricks (OAK) Both Rays, Castillo and Stanek are the guys who offer the most appeal, especially in holds leagues.
  2. I would say Murray and Ingram are somewhat comparable as runners but Ingram is in a whole other league with regards to receiving skills.
  3. I would put him ahead of Cooper and Golladay for sure. Maybe Woods too.
  4. Bryce (and Boras) want their cake and to eat it too. A long term deal with over 31M a year with a West Coast team.
  5. 145 Ks in 130 innings and a 4.08 ERA in 2018. Some decent upside at a cheap price especially if he can avoid the home run issues.
  6. Not just the park but that lineup is absolute trash.
  7. He's going to be like what the 18th QB off the board next season? Youre basically losing nothing if he busts. Im all in in on Jimmy G if his health checks out in training camp.
  8. Those must be leagues that are run by Eli Manning/Jay Cutler fans.
  9. If that were true they wouldnt have signed Hunt lol.
  10. Pats had the INT and a missed FG. Rams cant move the ball and are a mess pre-snap.
  11. I wouldnt call Brady at system QB but he's needs a good Oline more than most QBs.
  12. Goff and McVay have no idea what they're doing.
  13. Rams would be better with Tribusky right now. He can at least make plays with his legs.
  14. Goff is just a system QB and not a great individual talent.
  15. Phillips needs to make adjustments at halftime, otherwise Brady will dink and dunk the Rams to death.