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  1. He's not a good player. Nothing to see here.
  2. I get what youre saying but its more damaging to the entire team psychologically, to see the players and starting pitcher work hard to get a lead and then see a reliever blow it. Better to hurt one guys feelings and ego then to just leave him in there and struggle, which impacts the entire team.
  3. Chris Carter with some speed.
  4. He's not a starter so I probably will. Unless he finally figured out how to hit.
  5. Its weird to see Sogard on the same team as Matt Garza...
  6. Not me. He's been awful lately and of course he hits a slammy. What a troll.
  7. Baez is such a troll. 1-18 in the last week and then he hits a slam on my bench.
  8. If its a QS league than Sanchez. Still would go with Sanchez either way.
  9. Its still to early to consider dropping him. He's a good pitcher on a great team. I would at least bench him for now.
  10. Someone offered me Luis Severino for Danny Salazar. Outside of Ks Salazar has been bad, especially since this league also has QS. Should I accept? WHIR
  11. Colorado going back on the road for 11 days. Nothing to see here.
  12. Its a CCBC. (Crappy Closer by Committee)
  13. The dynamic duo of Benoit and Neris.
  14. I think we all expected some growing pains with a young player. At least he hasnt had an ugly 0-20 stretch yet.