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  1. True but he was a very good pitcher in high school and the Padres converted him from shortstop in 2007.
  2. Pretty impressive rookie season for the former 1st overall pick after 3 years in jail. Any chance he takes over as the closer? What is his value in holds leagues?
  3. Im hoping to get Santana in that stage of the draft not Bird. Wow...
  4. Whats wrong with an ADP in the 140's ? Rounds 11-12 arent foundation picks. And yeah Harvey seems like a douche but things like that shouldnt matter in fantasy.
  5. With Desmond's injury I guess he moves up a spot in the lineup.
  6. Hitters: Santana, LeMahieu, Carpenter, Beltre Pitchers: McCullers, Diaz, Capps, Ottavino
  7. He's the Strasburg of hitters. I doubt we'll ever see that 50 hr monster season from him. I rather have JD Martinez.
  8. He's the Andy Reid of baseball.
  9. I think Taillon will end up being the best Pirates pitcher this season. He went 40 picks later than Cole in a mock I did.
  10. Yeah if I cant get one of the top catchers Im just drafting both Colorado guys.
  11. Someone offered me Porter for Butler. Tempted to do it since Butler is injured. Any advice is appreciated.
  12. Anyone who can strikeout Mike Trout four times in a game gets my attention. Im pretty confident I can get him as a SP4 in my league.
  13. Well you wouldnt think he would get outcoached by Tom Couglin twice either.
  14. Pretty good but the Pittsburgh playcalling was awful.
  15. Packers D is obviously awful but how do you only run the ball 3 times?