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  1. How is Tyrod different than other QBs on bad teams? He's a running QB, so he can extend plays, keep drives alive. He also doesnt turn the ball over very much. I agree that Tyrod's inefficiency at short/intermediate limited Watkins upside somewhat. Sure the Bills are one of the worst teams in terms of pass attempts but its not like they were a bad offence as a whole. Far from it.
  2. Zeke being suspended will help a lot. His schedule sucks but Im more worried about his health than that.
  3. His previous ADP was the result of people thinking he's finally going to be healthy for a full season. We already knew that he was capable of big numbers with Tyrod, so a statistical leap forward was not necessary. The situation has changed completely.
  4. A kitten dies every time this thread is bumped.
  5. Imagine if he played in the AL East.
  6. I never thought that. As great as Judge was playing it was still just half a season.
  7. Never thought to pick him up since I have Turner and Rendon, but damn he looks good so far.
  8. Arent you a little worried if Hosmer, Moose and Cain all walk? Plus there's always the Ned Yost factor.
  9. How was he held back in 2015? In Tyrod's 1st year as a starter no less.
  10. The cliff is coming for Fitz sooner rather than later. Especially with Palmer as the QB. Crabtree for me.
  11. That amazing bottom 5 defense held their opponents to 56 points in 4 playoff games. An average of 14 points per game. That includes Matt Ryan, peak Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady. Make no mistake Eli played well in both SB runs but their defense is the main reason they won.
  12. He's won 2 rings thanks to him playing well and an amazing defense. Otherwise he's had a up and down career. He's just one example and he had a much stronger college resume than Goff.
  13. There a lot of factors but the biggest one was the rule change in 2004: http://www.espn.com/nfl/columns/story?columnist=clayton_john&id=1840261 Since then passing numbers have exploded. In Tom Brady first full season as #1 QB in 2002, he lead the NFL with 28 Tds and was 6th in passing yards with 3800 yards. 28 Tds and 3800 yards would have ranked 7th and 17th respectively going by 2016 numbers. Matt Stafford is the fastest QB to reach 30000 passing yards. Is that because he's a great QB? No its because he started his career in 2009. He is a good QB but I would be hard pressed to say he was a top 10 QB for most of his career.
  14. Ugh people need to bringing up rookie stats of Bradshaw, Elway, Aikman etc. Totally different era. Do people not realize how easy it is put up good passing numbers in today's NFL, compared to past eras? Its not a crime that Goff didnt have a rookie season like Ryan, Prescott, RG3, Wilson etc. but his numbers were just awful last season, no matter how you slice it.
  15. You missed Harper (unless I cant read) Only guys I would take Judge over is Machado and Bellinger.