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  1. With regards to the Browns matchup. Joe Haden and Dallas blowing out the Browns had a lot to do with the one catch. It was somewhat predictable.
  2. First 6 weeks of the season he was. 2 RBIs and a run tonight. More please.
  3. He's still been decent in my points league. Im hoping for a good 2nd half from him and the Indians.
  4. Its a miracle he's still hitting .250 because it seems he's going 0-5 every game.
  5. Probably the only rookie TE worth drafting this season.
  6. Carter wasnt expected to do much. I would put HanRam there.
  7. This kid has no luck, first a mass on his eye, now this. At least he's still young.
  8. Wild RBI appeared!
  9. Its a points league and Gallo has the exact same amount as Mitch Moreland just to give one example of a FA. HRs arent everything.
  10. I dropped him. I didnt realize how much of a slump he was in. Barely better than most guys on the waiver wire.
  11. Benched him against Texas. Benching him with confidence tonight. Worst case I save some innings.
  12. Just pre-season fluff imo. Only reason people look at James is because he plays for a great offence, which is overrated for TEs. All depends on the talent level of the TE in question. You would be better just drafting Gates if you wanted a TD-dependent TE.
  13. Their defense is improving. A lot of young talent and Dontari Poe was a great signing. Trufant missed the 2nd half of the season. I can only see Tampa being better, and their schedule is easier than last year.