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  1. There's a reason he's was outplayed by three different RBs in his four years in Miami. He's not very good
  2. Gordon owners waiting for AB suspension or meltdown:
  3. Tyrell is a stud. Thanks AB for leaving!
  4. Diggs gets another catch called back on a really weak OPI call.
  5. Josh Allen another example on why you dont draft QBs early.
  6. Definitely but probably not until late in the season unfortunately. This team has been in a tailspin since their 6-2 start last season and a lot of that has to due with Cam's diminishing physical talents and constant injuries. I think Grier was drafted with those things in mind and Cam being a UFA after next season.
  7. Fitz, DJax, Humphries, Koetter > Arians (after taking a year off) and Breshad Perriman
  8. They could not have telegraphed the direct snap to McCaffrey more if they actually tried. Newton looks cooked. Hopefully we see Will Grier sometime this season.
  9. Its part Arians isnt that good of a coach anymore plus Winston isnt very good.
  10. I think coming off a embarrassing loss plus the Jets injuries is too much of a layup for me to pass. Weeks 10-12 is a long way from here. As for Carolina, I think Tampa has a much better chance of winning than the Jets do.
  11. Might be the only good time to use them this season.
  12. Maybe one day Winston will turn into 2008-2012 Matt Schaub but I doubt it.
  13. I might drop him for a McLaurin (who has limited competition for targets) but not for a Jags WR or AJ Brown. Still a chance he emerges as the #1 WR.