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  1. mdorso.. I sent you a follow up email. please let me know if interested.
  2. 16 team league $105 entry fee annually 100% payouts annually 6x6 categories and H2H format Holding an Orphan Draft for the 4 teams that were replaced with new owners. This gives all the New owners a fair shake at getting guys they want that are available. Let me know if interested.
  3. This is a money league in its first inaugural season. It's a H2H format 9 cats with salary cap/contracts. Annual fee is $105, but replacement owner will not be required to pay since previous owner already paid the entry fee for this season. So no charge in year one!! The open team has Booker and Towns on it so it is infused with some nice young talent.Let me know if you're interested.
  4. Hey man send me your email and I'll send you the league constitution. We're starting the draft this morning so get back to me right away
  5. Need 2 more owners to bump league size up to 16 otherwise sticking with 14. If you and friends want in let me know. Slow draft starting tomorrow!!!
  6. 12 of 14 spots are claimed. 2 spots still up for grabs. Once filled the Dynasty League 1st Year Inaugural Slow auction draft will begin on CouchManagers. H2H format 8 cats Salary Caps and contract oriented Let me know if interested. Looking for highly competitive guys who would be in for long haul. email jeddyboy2003@gmail com
  7. Only need 2 more and then the Slow Auction Draft can commence. Let me know if you're interested and I'll send you the league constitution.
  8. Only need 2 more teams to fill up the league with 14 guys and then well be starting our Slow Auction Draft. Let me know if interested. I have by laws saved off if you want a closer look.
  9. I have openings in a brand new Dynasty League starting up this season. $105 entry fee. Interested?
  10. I have a $105 Dynasty League starting up. Weekly H2H format with Slow Auction Draft. Ive got 6 spots available in 15 team league. Let me know if interested.
  11. 9 of 15 spots are claimed. Only 6 left to fill. When we get those 6 owners we will start up a slow auction draft on CouchManagers. Format of my league is still subject to change per request. Let me know if interested.
  12. need 8 more owners to get to 15.. Slow auction draft will start immediately when filled
  13. Trunin, What's your email? I want more details before accepting the league invite?
  14. I have openings in a 15 team startup Dynasty League. The league is setup on Fantrax and the draft will be a slow auction style draft on CouchManagers. Each team will have 15 man rosters with 3 IR slots. Entry fee is $105 a year. Starting lineups: 3 G 3 F 2 C 2 Util 5 Bench 3 IR Weekly matchups Daily lineup changes H2H Point By Category Cats: Asst - Turnover Rebounds Blocks + Steals FT % FG % 3 Pt Made Points Annual Salary Cap $300 More rules attached. email if interested. NBAByLaws.docx
  15. Would you be interested in my league? I am attaching the constitution. $105 Dynasty League with salary cap and contracts. Let me know. NBAByLaws.docx
  16. I'm interested. I also have a new league with openings. Mine is H2H weekly matchups with daily lineup changes. $105 entry fee. Send me an invite to yours.
  17. 6 of 15 spots are spoken for. Looking to fill up and begin a slow auction draft to start this awesome league. Let me know if interested.
  18. New 15 team Dynasty League forming. I've attached the constitution and by laws for the league here on this post. $105 annual fee. Originally was going to do $205 but decided to lower the price. Let me know if interested. NBAByLaws.docx
  19. Gus, Here is my leagues constitution attached. Let me know if you're interested. NBAByLaws.docx