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  1. MLB.tv 2018

    $116 for MLB vs not paying for cable. Easy for me to choose. I have Netflix and Hulu for home entertainment and MLB.tv for my entertainment. Hey, its $116 wife-proof. Well worth the cost I kid....I kid...
  2. G.Cole or L.Castillo?

    Cole. Stacked team, has a track record. Castillo " looks nice " but Cole would get more trust with me.
  3. is this to much for Arenado

    Having the rosters posted would help with advice feedback.. Best player of course is Areando. Does that deal significantly hurt your SP as you'd be moving both Gray and Cole?? If you have the coverage to cover the SP loss, then yea I like getting Areando.
  4. 2018 Draft Position

    I love corner picks. For me give me 12th and 13th overall. I hate the middle spots. First overall is nice, but rather have 2 of top 13 rather than 2 of top 24/25.
  5. Deal Senzel?

    Seems to be less risk with Senzel but that's just opinion I suppose. I keep Senzel.
  6. 2/23 - GAME DAY THREAD

    Yep. This is all I watch. All season long babyyyy
  7. My Archer/Nola for his C Mart/Quintana

    Very close but I take the Martinez and Quintana side here. I like the wins potential much more. Nola is a good arm but scares me in that park and Archer if he stays on the Rays will be quite limited with a bad team around him.
  8. 14 Teams 7x7 Roto Dynasty / Fantrax

    sent you an email.
  9. What’s the pick? #2 Keeper league

    Arenado, Goldy
  10. 14 Teams 7x7 Roto Dynasty / Fantrax

    Sent emails to you guys. Thx
  11. 14 Teams 7x7 Roto Dynasty / Fantrax

    Replied to ya via email. Thanks.
  12. 14 Teams 7x7 Roto Dynasty / Fantrax

    Emailed you. Not sure if its Davidn17@me or Davidn17@me.com.