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  1. Trade for Bryant or nah? WHIR

    I like the idea of getting Bryant as he's gonna get locked in soon ( one would have to think ) and Kershaw will be back for you soon. Bryant and Kershaw over Bregman and Snell is how I view it.
  2. Stanton Trade

    Keep Stanton in this deal. Don't " sell out" for a hyped prospect.
  3. Guys who stream SP are scumbags.

    Oh yes, by far roto is much more superior than H2H and more difficult and much more strategy involved. And yes, its quite harder to stream in roto than h2h. a lot less of a " luck" factor in roto.
  4. Looking for some opinions on a trade offer...

    Yes you gotta get Arenado in that deal.
  5. Guys who stream SP are scumbags.

    Not a fan of streaming. I'm not overly against it, but just don't really think it has any strategy. I have my leagues to where we can only make 3 add/drop moves per week. So this limits the abuse of streaming. I think in some cases it can be ok, but also has a big buyer beware tag on it. If you streamed a lot and it was successful then kudos to you.
  6. 5/4 - GAME DAY THREAD

    Well damn. Berrios and Quintana both can't go 5 IP and both kind of sucked. This damn game.....fantasy baseball....when it's going good its such an amazing feeling, but when it's bad....well, just wanna trade everyone....and drink 6 beers. ok, so Berrios goes 5 ip and can still get the W but still....ugh.....ugllyyy
  7. 5/3 - GAME DAY THREAD

    Odorizzi, by far the most frustrating player I own.
  8. Trade away Scherzer for Kershaw?

    I really like the Kershaw side. The net gain is a tick better.
  9. 5/3 - GAME DAY THREAD

    Odorizzi vs W-Sox and Manaea vs M's. Need ya both, come on boys!
  10. DJ LeMahieu 2018 Outlook

    Due back May 8th and so far seen nothing to suggest otherwise. As for deep league options, just depends who's available but Yolmer Sanchez comes to mind.
  11. Who do you like going forward ?

    Keuchel. He'll round it out and get on track.
  12. Soroka? Porcello? (WHIR!)

    Porcello for sure. Great team, putting up good stats again. Don't overthink it.
  13. Looking to ADD SPEED!

    Snag Villar.
  14. ROS: Kingery or Vlad Jr

    Vlad - he will get the call at some point and just think he'll go off once he's up. Half season of Vlad will probably be more productive and a full season of Kingery.
  15. Which SP ROS? **WHIR**

    Bundy Gray ROS - I'd want proven starters that will get the ball every 5th day to help put me in position for the best success. Soroka and Romero " could be " legit but to much grey area for me in a one-year ROS scenario. I'd lean on Gray here, Rockies are a better team than the Orioles.