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  1. Thanks sack, I'll look. guys, send me emails.
  2. Dugout Legends Diamond Club I am seeking Roto baseball enthusiasts who are seeking to venture into a new long-term partnership and form a 14 team dynasty 7x7 Roto fantasy baseball league. The league is $150.00 buy-in + a small share of Fantrax cost (about $6 per owner). The total investment season-to-season is $156.00 The league will utilize the Fantrax Treasury system as the means to house all monetary funds each season. All league fees are due and collected prior to the league draft. This format will feature a daily lineup setting which requires all owners to be highly engaged throughout the season. This league is non-salary- non-contract-non-auction based but is a true full dynasty keeper format with off season activity as well. This type of league is not for the owner who enjoys the weekly ups-downs of a h2h format, but rather this league is for patient owners who enjoy the longevity of the season with the Roto flavor, larger sample size of player values ( season-long, vs weekly h2h ) and no playoffs.. Email: DugoutLegends.leagues@gmail.com Without further adieu here are the goods; 14 Teams Fantrax Fantrax Treasury $156.00 Daily Lineups 7x7 Roto Traditional Dynasty Random Order / Snake format draft. Slow.extended 24 active / 7 bench / 25 Minors ( 500 AB's / 150 IP ) C, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, MI, CI, LF, CF, RF, OF, U 5 SP - 5 RP- 2 P Innings Pitched MIN / MAX = 1300 IP MIN // 1900 IP Max Scoring 7x7 Avg - ( Batting Average ) H- ( Hits ) HR - ( Home Runs ) RBI - ( Runs Batted In ) R - ( Runs scored ) SB - ( Stolen Bases ) OPS ( On Base+Slg% ) W - ( Wins ) QS - ( Quality Starts ) ERA - ( Earned Run Average ) K - ( Strikeouts ) WHIP - ( Walks + Hits per Innings pitched ) Svs - ( Saves ) Hlds- ( Holds ) League Money Prize Winnings Distribution 1st Place = $840.00 = 40% 2nd Place = $525.00 = $25% 3rd Place = $315.00 =15% 4th Place = $210.00 = 10% ** All Star Break Leader = $105.00 ** 2nd half most improved roto points overall = $105.00
  3. 2017-2018 Off-season and Hot Stove Thread

    Gerrit Cole trade to Astros imminent according to Morosi.
  4. 2017-2018 Off-season and Hot Stove Thread

    We have action... Rene Rivera signs with Angels. That is something....
  5. 2017-2018 Off-season and Hot Stove Thread

    Have not read all the posts in the thread, but is there a reason for the hold up of significant moves? Like, whats everyone waiting for?? I feel when things break, its gonna be a lot of moves at one time....time to bust out the brass balls MLB owners / GM's. Let's go!
  6. If and when more users turn to fantrax and just try it out.... I believe a high number of fantasy enthusiasts will switch to Fantrax. Some won't like it, just part of life but I feel many users out there just have not experienced what fantrax offers....and they should.
  7. Amed Rosario 2018 Outlook

    Is an Addison Russell type a fair comp here?
  8. I'm in 3 leagues and all 3 are leagues that started with all of us as "unknowns" to each other. We've developed friendships over the past couple years. So it's been nice. I'm starting my 4th league this season ( soon ). As I feel 4 is a good number for me. Gotta rely on some luck when recruiting and hope it all works out well. So far, it's been good. No issues.
  9. 1) Yes - In the Commissioner >> Teams & Schedule tab you can click on " add owner" next to the team you want to add another owner to. 2) No - You can't add unlisted players yourself. You have to submit a note to the Fantrax team. Under Commissioner option >> Request new players. 3) Correct. Everything will update in real time. 4) No. ( I have not seen an option for this) , which is good, so a commissioner can't " hide" transactions and such with deleting things.
  10. CBS allows you to start lineup before EACH players game. That was updated last year. It used to be before the first game of the day, not anymore. Much better now.