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  1. well Puig will most likely have a suspension when he lands in Cleveland.
  2. and he's involved in the brawl ( a little bit anyway )
  3. lol he walked back out to RF, coming back to dugout now.
  4. All in all fantastic trade for the Tribe. 2 huge bats....Puig and Franmil.
  5. Don't know the complete picture.. roto / h2h? Dynasty? one year? Either way, I take Bregman here. Ryu's a SP that needs to prove more to me than this season. Bregman is a 1st round talent...
  6. Yeah, in a redraft league, Kluber is toast for most of the season. I'd guess 2 months-ish. Thats a good chunk of time. I'd be going after Soroka or Fried. Honorable mention to Quintana.
  7. One short rant, very easy...quick and to the point... STARTING PITCHERS /end rant
  8. Sonny Gray dominates. Jose Quintana and Rick Porcello S**T the bed... Oh don't look now, but so far in the early part of the season... Top 4 ERA teams to date: 1) Rays - 1.58 era 2) Tigers - 2.25 era 3) Pirates - 2.25 era 4) Blue Jays 2.30 Yep, you're reading that correctly....
  9. Why people still mess around with Yahoo and Espn and still see all the same complaints here day-in-day-out is beyond me. It's such an easy transition, easy choice and better choice switching to Fantrax. But guys won't do it. Such a better proactive decision for any league to have better overall experience.... A wonderful site fantrax is. I guess some guys liking driving around a beat up Ford, but they could be driving a nice Cadillac.
  10. and being specific it will be a jam shot to the right side, a little bloop that falls in. You'll see. You're welcome. Final stat line for Eloy will be...( drum-roll ) 1-4 with a BB and a R ( 5 plate appearances )
  11. 2 arms I'm very intereted in watching. Thor Darvish
  12. Eloy Jimenez first hit comes today And an RBI by way of not a HBP off his foot He gets a knock, today/