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  1. Hello, We have a new Guillotine league set up on sleeper bot. No site fees and we have 6 of 10 owners in place. Looking to fill last 4 spots. $500 winner take all pot. Let me know if anyone is interested Post here if interested
  2. Let me know if someone bails. I’ll take a team. Cheers Apots5@yahoo.ca
  3. I'm looking to join a new start up Dynasty league. Here are some of the things I'm hoping for in a new league. a- 12-16 teams b- salary cap league with contracts c- slow auction ran over multiple days d- buy in around $75-100 e- H2H with categories for scoring f- Groupme chat for communication is a plus These are the main items I'm hoping for in a new league. I'm a very active and dedicated owner with over 15 years experience in Fantasy sports. Let me know if anyone has an opening in a new start up that checks most of these boxes. Cheers apots5@yahoo.ca
  4. Hi, I may be interested in joining. Will this be a salary cap type league. Minor league rosters? Is there a constitution yet?
  5. I also may be interested. It would prefer a slow draft auction style if possible. Couch managers site is great for auctions... Plenty of experience here both as commish and participant. 15+ years exp...I would also probably know of a few more good owners if needed..entry seems a bit steep though apots5@yahoo.ca
  6. replied to your other post about the auction league
  7. I may be interested but I would to see the scoring and roster configurations. I commish leagues and have 10+ years experience. Would be new to MFL though. Where can I see the league details on the league site. Thanks Al