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  1. You have some high hopes of guys still being there in the 4th. Jeffery and Tate have been going sooner (in 12 tm ppr)
  2. What makes you lean DJ over Bell? I also have first pick and kind of struggling to decide.
  3. Strategy in standard should be 2 RB in the first three rounds at least.
  4. Dahl overtakes Tapia without a doubt. Reynolds is pushed to situational and off days when Desmond returns. I agree the Rockies should be looking at the SP market for a controllable pitcher. I'd flip Tapia without a doubt for someone. Rockies are in a great position - would love to see them make some win now moves.
  5. I kind of thought this day wouldn't come. Glad it's here.
  6. Over the last three years combined - he's had more HR in August than any other month. I'm slotting him right back in the lineup.
  7. NL MVP for AL MVP. I'd stick with Scherz in a redraft but it's keeper. Take Judge and ride him out.
  8. For those monitoring his 'performance' in rehab - allowed one run on two hits and struck out eight over six innings. Most important remains healthy.
  9. Ian Kinsler has been very good this month. His first two were underwhelming due to injury. Seems to be trending up. Had 4 HR and 1 SB coming into June. 5 of each in the month.
  10. His production profiles to the likes of Ian Kinsler and he has multi position elig most places. Want to get them prior to the hot streak not during.
  11. Chris Taylor has been on my 14 teamer (5 OF) for a month. Start looking at him if you're in a shallow league.
  12. I mean I gave you the context in the quote. Why did you use 6 starts - what kind of barometer is that? Also, yes you are spoiled with your pitching if referring to what's in your signature. Not all of us are.
  13. Not really. He's been pretty good as of late.
  14. Completely agree - been a gem in my 14 teamer. Have to add first and ask questions later with leagues of that depth.