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  1. Just traded for him - like to think I bought low. Hoping he gets through this week healthy, not sexy but will get it done. Definitely rolling him out. If he can get 13 innings for me with an ERA under 4, WHIP under 1.3 then I will take it as a win.
  2. We're not doing this again.
  3. Dahl is going to come back when he's 100% - that's pretty much the extent of Reynolds/Parra's early success impacts.
  4. I missed that but it's encouraging. Shouldn't be too long.
  5. 1 hit, 3 walks, 2 runs, 2 sbs sounds like what you'd want at leadoff.
  6. Yeah I posted in the closer thread. Pitched Monday. Had trouble with location.
  7. But is he finally locating? Deshields 1/1 w/2SBs. THIS is the guy I wanted. No one has exactly played him out of the picture as much as he tried to take himself out early on. Let me hope! just scored a run
  9. They were all legit cracks - Reddick just didn't flash glove like last night. Before last night I think it was like 2-3 years since Reddick saw action in CF.
  10. RIP Reddick in CF you mean.
  11. Everyone's favorite, Delino Deshields, gets the start in LF and LEADOFF. Lucroy out again!
  12. No not this year - he only played 6 times there last year and 3 at DH. Fully understanding that he only showed in 47 Rangers games. Don't know how that was distributed between MIL and TEX.
  13. Rough series for Cain @CHW. 0/12, R, BB, 2 K
  14. Re: Milwaukee Jacob Barnes used in the 7th. Looks like Knebel coming in for the 8th.
  15. Soto should have been able to keep them in front of him. Took them out of a DP and then the batter grounded out to short in a prime DP ball. Run scored. In line for the W now - 10k through 6. Solid outing.