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  1. I mean I gave you the context in the quote. Why did you use 6 starts - what kind of barometer is that? Also, yes you are spoiled with your pitching if referring to what's in your signature. Not all of us are.
  2. Not really. He's been pretty good as of late.
  3. Completely agree - been a gem in my 14 teamer. Have to add first and ask questions later with leagues of that depth.
  4. Rotowire has him slated for 6/22 @Col and for that reason - he's on my bench.
  5. Still crickets.
  6. Link
  7. damn rotowire i need more KRod
  8. Can anyone confirm Justin wilson is in the game in the 7th for the Tigers?!
  9. Aaron Altherr caught one at the warning track in right. And doubled up Benintendi at 1st. Impressive.
  10. More K-Rod! What an amazing development. Can't wait until he's traded to the Nationals...
  11. Was really concerned he'd lose his spot - hope he's here to stay. Has been a nice surprise for deep league, deep rosters.
  12. “I’ve never done anything like that, where a drafted player gets to the big leagues the year you draft him,” Rizzo said. “I don’t expect that in this scenario.”
  13. Devil's Advocate since I've seen a number of posts here indicating the number of saves have any kind of impact on how effective a reliever can be in the Washington role. Also, very cost effective - gives another option at the very least. I don't buy that the Nats are going to trade for just one guy.
  14. Call me crazy - but in world where closers are extremely expensive and the Nats have some guys in the minors with ability. Trade for K-Rod...?