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  1. When I say "Tomorrow Night"...... that would be Wednesday, the 13th.
  2. This is my "Brothers Gotta Hug" head-to-head league run through Yahoo. All 10 teams signed up to return again this year, but one guy hasn't paid yet and I haven't heard from him. He has played the 3 previous years, but I have no choice but to replace him. So..... this league is in its 4th year, with most teams returning every year. This is one of two leagues I run. I call this my "league of strangers"..... haha. No one knows each other in real life. My other league is my friend/family/co-worker league. 10 teams, head-to-head, $40 entry, 8 hitting and 8 pitching categories, prizes to the top 3 teams ($240, $100, $60). Top 6 make the playoffs, with the top 2 getting a first round bye. DRAFT IS TOMORROW NIGHT! 8:30 eastern time, 7:30 central. We have people on both the east and west coast, I think one in Kentucky, and a girl in Canada. Pretty good group of people. All keep up with their teams all year. Dues can be paid through PayPal. Prizes are sent out the same way, although I could mail a check if you would prefer. Need to fill this slot asap so I sleep better tonight! I can e-mail all the league setting if you wish. Contact me at: jageorge72 at bellsouth dot net Thanks!