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  1. Team is taken, rest of the owners are all active so if this owner doesn't set lineups for the next few weeks I'll re visit this post thank you for your responses
  2. I've been playing since 07 and I have a lot of experience in keeper leagues and dynasties so I watch prospects. I follow baseball very closely. This league seems fun and this team is stacked! I'd like to take it over.
  3. Team is still available looking for an owner to focus on this league and not looking to join several
  4. i'm very interested in the team . just needs some TLC 

    I have 14 years experience 

    I'm retired so lots of free time 

    my  e mail










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    2. Jmdyanks92


      I noticed on your profile that you've joined MANY leagues recently will you stay active in mine?

    3. fisherman51503


      Heavens yes . I don't join leagues to not play  this is my past time . I check teams 4 0r 5 time a day 

      thanks for asking 

    4. fisherman51503


      that is ok if you don't want me  in your league . 

      I joined another league .  I just want to have fun playing 

      thanks anyway  

  5. Fun league, looking for one replacement owner for this team. All teams are active so please set lineups daily and respond to trade offers etc. Keepers will be between 24-27 most likely. Prospects can't be kept until they debut or unless you draft them. So you will be able to keep Puk. Post email if you'd like to join and please ask me any questions that you have
  6. Dynasty 10 team. Not sure who I’d pick up yet, but does anybody think he is anything more than just a hot start? Safe to drop him? Doubtful he has any real trade value right? Although one team really needs SS
  7. 10 teams we will all keep somewhere between 24-27 players 30 man rosters 5 DL