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  1. Just based on positional flexibility I'll take Bellinger since he can play 1B or OF. Both guys are off to absolute monster starts so I don't really think you could go wrong.
  2. So glad I sold my only share of Thor a few days ago. He doesn't look good at all this season. It's early so maybe he figures it out but for the price paid to draft him he's just not worth it. Not even close.
  3. To answer the question, you win it pretty easily imo. With the hitters you already have I'd probably prefer to hang onto Cole, doesn't really make much sense to trade your best pitcher for more hitting.
  4. Until a later date the side getting Trout wins the deal 99% of the time, this is no exception. Long term I think Acuna/Vlad are probably 2 of the best 5 players in fantasy but that's probably a few years off still. Since you only get 2 keepers Trout/Bellinger look like absolute locks at this point. Speaking just for this season Trout/Bellinger/Arenado is worth more than all 4 of what you'd get from the other side quite comfortably imo.
  5. I don't like Mikolas that much so I wouldn't want him personally. I think your pitching is strong enough to lose a Sale if it improves you big somewhere else. If it was me I would try to get Benintendi/Albies instead of Ohtani. Sale/whatever for Beni/Albies would help your team lots & your pitching is still anchored by Snell/Glasnow/Flaherty. If you insist on going for one of his arms I might try to buy low on Nola since he's off to a pretty bad start.
  6. If this is a redraft league I like it a lot, Yelich is a beast. In a keeper/dynasty format I think I would prefer the other side, Davis is basically a locked in 40-50 hr's a year & Vladdy seems to be the 2nd coming of Miggy/ManRam. Either way, Yelich is the best player today so it's a win right now.
  7. I would probably try to offer whatever pitcher you wanna trade for Ohtani & whatever of his OF you like the best. Sale for Benintedi/Ohtani would be a nice haul, but it really depends on how the other owner values him I guess. Sale obviously hasn't been off to a great start but I think he's on his way back to being himself sooner than later.
  8. If the other owner accepts that for Moncada I would take it and run. Profar isn't good at all and Hicks is still injured, if I owned Moncada that would be an easy rejection.
  9. They're both outstanding players and in redraft you really can't go wrong. If it's any kind of keeper/dynasty league I'm taking Bellinger all day though just based on age alone. He can also play 1B & OF which depending on how deep your benches are is a very useful thing with injuries and just general roster flexibility.
  10. Definitely drop someone and don't make this trade, that's a giant overpayment even for Trout.
  11. Always pick the bat when it comes to minor leaguers. Pitchers have such a high bust potential. Bichette all the way here.
  12. Marquez for me. 8 years younger and Blackmon looks to be in the early stages of decline. Easy choice in a deep dynasty league imo. Good luck!
  13. Eloy is high upside but hasn't proven anything to this point. Darvish looks terrible. Marte is just not very good. Cruz is declining but still a worthwhile bat. Musgrove is a solid 3/4 starter. Trade looks even to me. Only way it's lopsided is if Eloy cranks 40 hr's and Darvish goes back to being an ace, both things I doubt happen.
  14. As someone that owns Vlad in a couple of leagues I would be asking for one of Nola/Castillo and a solid bat or I'm not even gonna think about moving Vlad. It really just depends on the owner and what guys he might like off of your roster though. All you can do is shoot him an offer to start the dialogue and see how it goes. Good luck!