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  1. I have Osman, Hachimura and Caboclo as my end of bench in a 12-teamer. Do I pull the trigger ? hmm..
  2. DJs arrival seems to have helped this kid figure thinks out.. kinda.. last month he has been useful even in points leagues. I added him and hope for an even bigger breakout ROS
  3. Those new rotoworld colors make me sick ... Also Kadeem , run for him i think , guy is legit.
  4. Nance higher than all of them , especially for points leagues. Have you seen his lines ?
  5. I think barnes will play PF mostly. Kings were looking for a stretch 4 and I think this move addresses that "need". I see Bjelica/WCS taking the biggest hit from this move
  6. What time is the deadline exactly? How many hours left ?
  7. Also really, as I said he should be ready to play 20+ mins at this point. A year is a long rehab time. If he put the work in it he is def ready to play. Boogie came back faster than that even and he alrdy played 25 mins
  8. They also got some guys back. What makes me think that they plan to play Porzi , is the fact without deandre, they have no big guy left other than porzingod and that guy that Lloyd called a must add. Oh and dirk. Edit: they cant really tank so playing their two young studs to build chemistry makes perfect sence.
  9. We talk about the suns here lol. And as far as I know they think that they are 1 good pg away from playoffs . I def see them doing it, and I heard rumors lonzo would play for the suns but doesnt want nola. As far as I know threre isnt a huge pg prospect next draft is there ?
  10. Nola get Ingram, Kuzma, Zubac , lakers first, PHO 1st. PHO gets Lonzo+sth. LA gets AD , and whatever trash they send to match salaries. Every1 should be happy with this me thinks.
  11. 6 months is the minimum by doctors standards. They recommend a 7-9 period of absence from competitive sports, the time it usually takes for the body to absorb the implant. With proper physiotherapy which I assume he got (he got $$) he should be ready to play at 9 months max. The extra 2 months that lead to year long absences are because many guys don't condition themselves before the 7 month. But if u want it is possible to start conditioning at 3 months. PSA: My GF is an orthopedic.
  12. I have a feeling we might even see him tomorrow , or early next week. Limited mins ofc , but that "in two days" tweet got my hopes up
  13. If he was good to go they could play him 20 mins a night and still tank. Knicks are so bad it doesn't matter. He is supposed to be your francise player, maybe you should try and keep him happy ? But what I think really made him want to leave was the trade rumor of Knicks offering him and 1st round pick for Davis. I mean I would give Porzi and 1st for AD too if I was the GM. But not letting him play AND going public that they would try this trade is really triggering. I would request out of that place too. Blame your horrible club management and not Kristaps.