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  1. Turner 4 A Gordon

    Yeah , and AG is injured again .. I start to think it's his playstyle ..
  2. My Marc & THjr for his D. Booker & Adams

    booker adams imo
  3. Alex Len 2017 - 2018 Season Outlook

    Cause they signed Williams , while passing on Len's extension option this summer. Len walks away this summer
  4. Almost half the Centers this year belong in this thread lol.
  5. Alex Len 2017 - 2018 Season Outlook

    They showcase their centers to contenders. It's gonna be like this untill trade deadline. They've already invested on a young C, and that's A.Williams, who's not playing this season. Only Tyson will be on the team next year probably and that's cause of his unmovable contract.
  6. Jahlil Okafor 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    It all makes sense now !!
  7. IT n Barnes 4 my Ingram and E Gordon

    I would take IT2 alone , over both Ingram and Gordon
  8. Brook played good to start the season and kept losing minuites. Ofc he doesn't care any more , who would? I am dropping too , when a good player pops up. He is by far my worst player(production wise) , especially for points league. Outside of top160 for the past month. #feelsbadman#dropcity
  9. for 1 game , after 80 combined mins last 2 games . He was probably still tired and sat back cause Jameer was playing good.
  10. Dude is kinda old and played 2 games 40 mins . What do you expect lol , I bet he was tired and since team was rolling decided to rest a bit and made an excuse
  11. no we wasn't getting many minuites... there were stretches he was playing less than 20 mins and then streches he got more than 30. He had veterans ahead of him. He is now the veteran. Just check his average mins last 3 seasons , 20 , 24, 24. The stretches he played heavy mins , he produced. Maybe with a dud here and there but w/e
  12. Probably a fluke , BUT he was fighting hard for some of those boards, so maybe he can get like 3-4 rebs per game going on
  13. Last 3 seasons he was a headacke because he wasn't getting minuites most of the season. When he got mins , he produced every time. As long as he plays 26+ mins he is gonna feast.
  14. Drop Lamb and Favors? Whir quick

    Yes , Rolo for favors. No, Lamb for Moore. Though I did drop lamb , but for Milos , who I think has higher upside, even than a rolling Lamb. But he is a hold unless there is a very high upside guy available