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  1. Send me an invite please mineedham@bendbroadband.com thanks
  2. Send me an invite please. I'm in mineedham@bendbroadband.com Thanks
  3. Contact me ASAP at mineedham@bendbroadband.comif you would like an invite
  4. Let’s draft in one hour. I still need 2 to join and 4 to pay. Let’s do this! I need your email to invite you!
  5. It’s H2H each cat. 8 cats no TO’s. Can I send you an invite. Draft is scheduled in one hour
  6. I’m very close to getting this league full and paid. As soon as I get one more to join and three to pay we will draft. Hopefully very soon. If you would like one of the last spots I need your email so I can invite you. Thanks
  7. I need 6 to fill. We will draft tonight if I can fill it. Let’s do this. Contact me at mineedham@bendbroadband.com I will send you league and LS invites. Thanks
  8. I would like to draft tomorrow night if I can fill it. Get me your email and I’ll send you invite. Leave here or contact me at mineedham@bendbroadband.com