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  1. Ian Rapoport @RapSheet 6m For the #Jets and RB Le’Veon Bell, it’s a 4-year deal worth $52.5M, source said.
  2. @elroypedro putting on a clinic
  3. This is the most telling and bizarre thing. There's a twitter post about Gurley's drop off in the receiving game toward the second half of the year, something like a decline over almost 50% in terms of receiving routes ran. I'll try to find it when I'm home (Scott B's twitter). It's also evident when Gurley did run routes he had either no desire or no expectation that the ball would be coming his way, it's very clear on video.
  4. could this be trade bait? i am shooketh
  5. I think most mocks have them taking a WR within the first two picks, as of right now. I don't know jack about the incoming WR class though.
  6. ironically he's basically a really sh*tty version of joshua
  7. I really like Godwin now. I wonder where he'll go in ADP come August.
  8. not sure how I feel about OJ Howard's outlook now but maybe they just straight split him wide
  9. splitting the pot just means you tied ..
  10. when you just list off your team 3 leagues: CMC, Chubb, Samuels (Yahoo/TE)
  11. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/leonard-fournette-limited-workload-part-125820799.html so it's confirmed I guess - that woulda been nice to know ..prior to the game ..
  12. I'm only in standard leagues but looks like he's going to finish as the RB1 two years in a row unless Barkley channels his inner Derrick Henry.