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  1. I get it but seems drastic to count on 10. I guess it could be a comfort thing this year knowing job is safe, gets him to 8-10 There are worse picks later in a draft that have a 300 BA potential.....
  2. So everytime I like this guy and start him in '18 I get burned by 5-6 ER, why any different this season?
  3. How does he steal 1 bag last year yet is projected for 8-11 this year?
  4. Having a tough time with the $20 pitchers in ranking for my upcoming auction Tuesday. I mean Flaherty and Strasburg are $18-$19 while Severino is still going for $20-$22 and with Bauer only $23ish it is hard to want Severino unless he gets to $15 or so
  5. In a 5x5 Roto 2 catcher league and really hate taking a catcher before round 5 but looks like may, not sure
  6. Reading between the lines of coach speak they are NOT putting the brakes on Acuna no matter what spot he is hitting. If he does not steal 30 I would be shocked
  7. Will not be tomorrow afraid to say More than likely Sunday and that is best cast scenario
  8. How much you guys base a player expectations on past batter vs pitcher? I always work on this each year to see what a hitter did vs "good" pitchers, great indicator of hit tool. Saw Mondesi has a HR vs Veralnder and Hader, 2 hits vs Severino but did not see much after that vs what I deem, "good pitchers". My eye tells me he is a decent hitter with room to grow, I AM NO HATER, just curious to my question above.
  9. Well I see 1350 K's, solid WHIP/ERA and who knows with wins but should be midway so sure, I could live happily with what you did nice job!
  10. Sir, I will say you are wrong. Go watch him in person 14 times in the minors and in pro games, study his swing, his underlying numbers, watch him this spring, read about a few adjustments, compare him to the past 30 years vs similar players and the numbers. Watch him adjust during AB's vs the best pitchers in the game. I am right, simply put, not more to say, you agree or you do not, that is your call
  11. The prognosticators are way to low on the BA for Acuna. I think 290 is a floor this year with a 50/50 shot at 300-310, no joke!