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  1. Flaccor Seimian Brisset Not much but I do own Newton and Kyler
  2. PPR Redraft Give Wentz, Golladay and Mixon get Kamara My league DOES NOT count negative points (int's.....) and I also own Cam Newton and Kyler Murray DK Metcalf would replace Golladay as my #2 WR behind Beckham
  3. So is Fowler gonna get some work done for September, making you forget about the rest of his garbage year?
  4. So is Workman still the man? Maybe the Sox just have not had many save ops lately or I am missing something
  5. So hard to constitute the ADP with so many mouths to fees on the birds this year. I mean if talent was the only thing that mattered, I would draft Miles in round 3, but round 6 may even be a little too rich for me right now
  6. Wentz Chubb, Guice, Hines Ridley, Golladay, Sutton
  7. Just got my NFL voucher for free streaming for all 12 guys in my league! I was hesitant on the deal but 13 days later after buying my league, it came!! This is huge considering I cut my cord in March. Thanks mate!!!
  8. Go with 2 WR with picks 1-2 and 1 TE the WR in rnd 4. Then take all upside RB's with picks 4,5,6,7,8,9,10 then get a QB
  9. PPR, had the 11th pick, went like this. The RB's just did not fall to me so I zigged when others zagged..... NOTE --- Our running back and Wide receiver slots are flex which means I can choose to start only 1 RB every week if I choose so My team QB - Deshaun Watson RB - Latavius Murray WR - Odel Beckham Jr WR - Michael Thomas WR - Robert Woods TE - Jared Cook Bench - Tyler Locket, Calvin Ridley, Courtland Sutton Nyheim Hines, Kareem Hunt, Matt Breida
  10. Redraft 5x5 Chris Sale for Trevor Bauer
  11. So I am calling it, Andres Munoz 10-12 saves ROS for the Friars
  12. Looking better each game, I think now is the time he gets his ROS groove on......
  13. Looking better, over under on 3 ER vs mighty Houston this week?