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  1. It's pretty simple...they teach winning basketball overseas. To win, you must be selfless. How do you be selfless? Analyze the results of individual decisions and choose the overall best for the well being of your unit. By teaching these international players winning basketball, intelligence slowly inscripts in their mind - they know when they have an advantage over a defender, they know when to penetrate to draw the defense in to only kick out to an open shooter on the wing, etc. Your quote about kobe is 100% true and ruins young Americans mentality of how the game should really be played. Believe me, I've had an older sister that played on a top 5 aau team in the country...girls are taught the TRUE way to play the game. It's a shame we can't implement the same teachings to guys. Instead, we create this Darwin-istic system and have players like the Ball brothers being in the national spotlight lol it's like give me a f***ing break.
  2. Nobody, and I mean nobody, was expecting George hill to perform the way he has this year on utah. Almost all of us drafted him with the 80th plus pick so he is simply a luxury to have. You should have been able to build a solid team with drafting players prior to our boy George, he's just the icing on the cake as your mid round-end of the bench guy. If you drop him, he will make one lucky owner in your league verrrrry happy.
  3. Even though it's garbage time, this kid is dominating charlottes frontcourt. Needs to start next to wcs and see 28+ minutes a night. Definitely passes the eye test and appears to be nba ready.
  4. Nobody knew he would be back THIS early, but the start of next week was my prediction. Connect the dots and it's simple to see how badly this team needs cp3, it was to his non shooting hand/he could stay in shape/still run practice. It was pretty obvious, man.
  5. Victor Oladipo 2016-2017 Season Outlook

    This is one of those you sell high or hope he turns it up for the rest of the season. Could anyone who watched this game give some insight? I'm assuming he took advantage of Portland d and it's time to sell high
  6. I look into the future boys..curry is coming on and Durant doesnt go insanely off unless it's against a top team. I'm also thinking he gets 1-2 rest days down the stretch. Id rather have a guy that's young and coming into his own, with an unlimited ceiling. Sure, Durant is consistent, but I own it4 and Lowry as well. Ibaka is like Ryan Anderson, you never know what you'll get from him on a nightly basis. And waiters can only go down from here with richardson and Johnson coming back. You can call me crazy all you want, but we'll see who will be laughing come playoff time.
  7. I'm in a points league, so my situation my differ. I'm sitting comfortably in 1st and traded my Durant, ibaka and waiters for jokic and cp3 (I picked up zubac as well)
  8. Most exciting player I've watched since Andrei kirilenko.
  9. I'm intrigued by this guy as well, especially if he's looking at 30+ minutes a night.
  10. I know this is super ac, but sitting comfortably in 1st and traded my Durant, waiters and ibaka for jokic cp3 and grabbed zubac off waivers. My body and mind are not ready to own this joker
  11. Yes. If you need a streamer for today, look no further. Hoping this guy blows up.
  12. James Johnson 2016-2017 Season Outlook

    4 sub par games in a row this what to expect from now on or is he in a slump? Seems like his roads to minutes are paved for him ros, he's just his own worst enemy.
  13. So uhh..what's up with the minutes in the last two games?
  14. Caris LeVert 2016-17 Season Outlook

    You've cat to be kitten me right meow, this bol plays less than 24 minutes a night and they're resting him? I'm sure it will happen only a few more times this season but for h2h players this is crucial. Random dnp's will be the demise of my team I swear.