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  1. Last year Jose Ramirez's primary position (PP) was 2nd base and he qualified at 3rd base. In 2019 ESPN changed his (PP) to 3rd base so he will have to qualified at 2nd base or any other position. ESPN sets all players (PP) and it isn't often that a players (PP) changes. 10GP to qualify for this year and 20GP for next year.
  2. GLENDALE, Ariz. -- The competition for the D-backs' closer role, between Archie Bradley, Greg Holland and Yoshihisa Hirano, will continue through the final week of Cactus League play.
  3. ESPN has him as the closer. Here are their projects. IP 73 K 74 SV 27 ERA 3.70 WHIP 1.29 Can Bradley bring his ERA sub 3.00? And his WHIP sub 1.20? Also, keep the closer job all year? Thoughts Thanks
  4. Bellinger has a million holes in his swing. Lindor is a top 5 player.
  5. I wasn't trying as long as you but I got the same "Community not found" message. Very strange.
  6. Which only means he's going to lose his 4th. 😎
  7. When it comes to ice cream its vanilla running away. You can always add chocolate syrup which makes it the best of both worlds.
  8. Go Chiefs beat the snot out of the Pats. Run the score up. Humiliate them.
  9. Please leave Peyton Manning out of the discussion. Go Chiefs.
  10. Does anyone really think the Cowboys have a chance?
  11. Daurice Fountain better not cost me $1.80 or there's going to be big trouble.