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  1. Scott.levitt@yahoo.com
  2. If not filled I'll take scott.levitt@yahoo.com
  3. I didn't even realize you had removed me from the other league. Oh well, good luck to you.
  4. Not that I wasn't "man" enough. At 68 dollars he wasn't a good keeper anyway. Whoever had this team did an awful job
  5. I would join if you didn't randomly assign a team. That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Almost half the league would be new, either start it over or offer teams first come first serve. Horrible idea
  6. Obviously not filling up fast, you've been posting to same post 15 times a day
  7. Looking for either an orphaned team (with potential) or new league. thanks, scott
  8. this is the worst team ever assembled
  9. Brazil I'll take I scott.levitt@yahoo.com
  10. I would be interested however cannot draft at 10pm EST
  11. PPR League? Leaguesafe? Roster Layout?