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  1. If he doesn't take it I will scott.levitt@yahoo.com
  2. I'm interested in nl only or mixed however sadly the 11th nor 25th work as draft dates. Sorry, good luck
  3. How much is the league? What are the payouts? Scott.levitt@yahoo.com
  4. Would love to see the available rosters Scott.Levitt@yahoo.com
  5. Interested in seeing the available players in this team and their cost scott.levitt@yahoo.com
  6. I would be interested however this team is bad. If you do an incentive where I could possibly get dropped players from other teams at an extremely discounted rate, I would consider scott.levott@yahoo.com
  7. I'm interested and can pay immediately upon seeing keepers and constitution. scott.levitt@yahoo.com
  8. $50 Roto Keeper openings

    can you please send me the available teams to scott.levitt@yahoo.com
  9. Owner needed for NL-only CBS fantasy league

    I'm interested as well if this is a money league. scott.levitt@yahoo.com Maybe we can make this a 10 team league if there is enough interest?
  10. 10th season CBS Keeper, 1 opening

    has invite been sent? I want to join
  11. nevermind, not playing in a league where you are rewarded for finishing 4th and 5th. Absurd
  12. ill take gibson 1...scott.levitt@yahoo.com
  13. 10th season CBS Keeper, 1 opening

    interested, need to see payout, and team. Can pay immediately. Scott.Levitt@yahoo.com