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  1. Free league or money?
  2. Looking for $25-50 Roto League (preferably keeper league). I'm ok accepting an orphaned team as well.
  3. New Keeper league

    If there is a cost involved I'll take golden state
  4. Did you happen to see my trade offer

  5. I'll take team 4 scott.levitt@yahoo.com
  6. How many of the 30 teams are filled? Is this league safe? How many categories? scott.levitt@yahoo.com
  7. I can't see prices however I'm very interested. I clicked on the players and it said prices were zero. Very interested in team 3 scott.levitt@yahoo.com
  8. Your post says 14 team but you're going to close the league at 10? Are you still planning 5 dollar increases for keepers? Is this a free league, I don't see anything about cost?