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  1. I've joined, just let me know when the draft is.
  2. 1 spot left ESPN Keeper league

    full? scott.levitt@yahoo.com can pay immediately
  3. I never got the invite for team C- scott.levitt@yahoo.com Also, is this leaguesafe?
  4. interested in trout team scott.levitt@yahoo.com
  5. What's the deal with this? Did you fill the remaining spots?
  6. NL only redraft

    Cost? draft date?
  7. Can I see the available team? scott.levitt@yahoo.com
  8. NL Only - $100 Buy In

    You say you usually have 8-12 teams but are only looking for 2 more teams, does that mean you already have 10 or only currently have 6? I've never seen a snake draft for NL only league with no real keeper strategy. This sounds unique but also seems like it lacks any real strategy.
  9. NL Only - $100 Buy In

    Head to head or roto?
  10. NL Only - $100 Buy In

    Is this an auction league? Keeper? Scott.levitt@yahoo.com
  11. interested in team C. When is the draft? scott.levitt@yahoo.com Please send invite. Thanks
  12. nevermind, found, it.....not interested in this team
  13. which team is the available team? scott.levitt@yahoo.com
  14. please let me know when it's full. I will pay on leaguesafe. Email directly at scott.levitt@yahoo.com Thanks