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  1. He will start the year with mlb team. Service time should not be a concern. He will have a IP limit for the year, so they will send him to the minors later in the year. Or I am missing something?
  2. The continued devaluation of the "closer."
  3. Jeff McNeil, I hope his bat force them to play him every day. Will earn LF eligibility soon.
  4. I really like Trivino, however with Soria and Rodney. Do you see Trivino having holds opportunities?
  5. .280 AVG during last month, not bad. But 0 stolen bases, why he stop running?
  6. No news would be good news? I hope so.
  7. Pretty good first inning today. Awful in the second. He could not throw a strike.
  8. Any interest on Garrett this year? or do you see him as a work in progress project?