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  1. I wouldn't worry about playing time, it's going to be a long time before/if the Yankees can get healthy. Even at full strength it's likely Gardner that loses playing time not Frazier.
  2. KC pen looking to be a dumpster fire that's for sure, hard to make much sense of anything based on usage today. Box did get the job done though so would assume he gets the next chance.
  3. LIkely just lost after Mookie struck out in the 11th... basically needed a miracle to win my matchup of Mookie going 4/4 with a dinger. Well got that but extra innings screwed me and looks like I'm going to lose my matchup 5-5 but my opponent holds the tiebreaker... Can't believe everything came down to one at bat and losing average .2782 to 2775, yea... I hate fantasy baseball.
  4. Wondering if anyone has any experience here with tanking teams (for lack of a better term) in Yahoo Pro leagues? I'm not really sure if there's anything that can be done or should be done here, but I'm concerned about the integrity/competitiveness of one of my Yahoo pro leagues (h2h). To start Andrew Benitendi was just dropped for Christian Villlanueva by one team. That itself was surprising, but weird stuff like that happens with impatient owners, then it gets worse when I looked closer at this guys roster. He has 4 DL guys (Zunino, Gregerson, Myers, Turner) and one NA (Cobb). None of the DL spots are even in use, and all four of the five guys are in the active lineup... Villlanueva also ends up being the 4th third baseman on his bench, and 5th overall on his team, so yea... I'm assuming this guy is just an idiot but is this something I should report to Yahoo, and will they even do anything?
  5. Five days in and still no home runs for one my teams, not a great start.
  6. Pujols and the Brian (Pujols and Brian Dozier, playing off Pinky and the Brain from Animaniacs)