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  1. Good league. Keepers are Benentendi, Sano, McCutchen, Verlander and Darvish. 3rd overall pick with high quality players available. League is going into it's 6th year. Stable, active, well managed league. Jump on board!
  2. Great league! The League Manager I could take or leave, but the league itself is great! (Just kidding!)
  3. Trea Turner 2017 Outlook

    I had a draft last night in a league where a good portion of the members frequent this forum and read/post on these threads. Turner went 18th overall. I thought that was an appropriate slot for him. Suffice it to say, not everyone is buying into the idea that Trea is a top 10 player. Conversely, Villar went #44 overall. I don't understand the wide discrepancy.
  4. Trea Turner 2017 Outlook

    He's Starling Marte with multi-positional eligibility and a whole lot of hype.
  5. One spot open. 11 are filled. This is going to be a fun league to be apart of.
  6. 2017 Draft Day Must Haves

    Must have at least one Cubbie for good luck. That's my "must have". Everybody else is relative to draft position.
  7. Still have several spots open. Shaping up to be a great group of owners. Seeking those select few who are knowledgeable and dedicated.
  8. John Sickles On his front page he has Top 20 prospects by team link. Most of these players have an ETA (estimated time of arrival) after their write ups. Look for ETA 2017. You can also search for " impact rookies 2017". Sometimes you will find a good list that way too.