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  1. adam any chance you want to make one an OP option?
  2. brady yorus does cause you are in it. u need to make viewable to the public
  3. brady12 your link doesnt show... i was hoping to find one with a superflex or 2 qb but adam i may join if another doesnt show
  4. email me at eagok@fuse.net if enough interest would be willing to start one too
  5. Just went on to pay and said full if u want to go to a higher number let me know eagok@fuse.net
  6. Send me an invite so I can see the settings. As long as drafts 930 still I’d be in... eagok@fuse.net
  7. If it doesn’t fill and u end up pushing the time back I’d join email me if so eagok@fuse.net
  8. If u end up not filling and pushing the time back email me eagok@fuse.net
  9. https://fantasy.espn.com/football/league/settings?leagueId=5720780&view=summary so trying to set something up for tonight since I didn’t see many options. We will use leaguesafe. 75$ entry. I’m running around today so if you would like an invite post here or email me at eagok@fuse.net. once we get to 9/10 or even 12 I’ll set up leaguesafe and send it out. We will vote on payouts. Also, veto is at 4 but if collusion of any kind is suspected and verified the trade will be vetoed and subject to disqualification.