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  1. Send me an email if u end up changing the acquisition limit cause I won’t probably keep checking. No worries if u don’t just for me I won’t want to play with a limit. Best of luck either way eagok@fuse.net
  2. but honestly with 1000ip people will stream hitters and pitching will be set
  3. yeah im fine with faab just make 0$ daily and that works
  4. if the moves become unlimited ill join... I hate counting moves as im in a lot of leagues.
  5. id join if moves not limited. I like to stream hitters and am in 10 others so honestly cant keep track of one league that limits moves. roto/auction im down if that's the case. everything else is cool with me eagok@fuse.net if that works if not now worries. pitching stats interesting.
  6. I’d be in if 750-100$ roto auction and espn eagok@fuse.net
  7. If u have one email me at eagok@fuse.net if on another site or h2h or snake don’t bother. Thanks
  8. Have a few different ones I'm in I know looking for people. Email me at eagok@fuse.net
  9. http://fantasy.espn.com/baseball/league/settings?leagueId=5270 keeper options.. yelich 28 story 14 e diaz 20 m chapman 6 j turner 11 realmatu 11 everyone else is paid thru leagusafe and ready to go! email me at eagok@fuse.net
  10. we have 9 people paid, one owner bailed. you can pick 3 of yelich 28 chapman 6 story 15 diaz 20 gallo 11 turner 11 realmato 11 team you are taking over is regressions and settings are here http://fantasy.espn.com/baseball/league/settings?leagueId=5270 email me at eagok@fuse.net