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  1. What do you mean? That is up to 10 at a time. We did 12 teams with 2 noms a piece at a time so there were 24 players on the board at once. Any more I felt would have been overwhelming.
  2. Just finished drafting in a new dynasty league. 12 teams, 40 man rosters, h2h points league. C 1B 2B 3B SS INF OF RF CF LF 2 UTIL 2 SP 2 RP 4 P 20 Bench. Daily roster moves, 12 start/week but you all know about the max start loophole so SP is extremely valuable. Scoring cats are H, R, 1B, 2B, 3B, HR, RBI, BB, SO, SB, CS, HBP, CG, SHO, NH, PG, QS, IP, H, ER, BB, K, SV, BS, HLD, ERA, HB We keep 32/40 players, we are allowed to keep players for up to 5 years, 8 contracts of each year (5, 4, 3, and 2). I've got some win-now talent, but a lot of youngsters that will provide more value in future years so I'm trying to determine assess my strengths and weaknesses. I'd hate to rebuild before the season even starts but I like my core of young bats so I'd like to hang on to them. I'm just looking for opinions and advice on how to continue building my team. Anyway, onto the roster. C - Willians Astudillo 1B - Jose Abreu, Jake Bauers, Nate Lowe, Ryan McMahon, Ryan O'Hearn 2B - Jurrikson Profar, Joey Wendle, Franklin Barreto 3B - Anthony Rendon, Nick Senzel, Jonathan India SS - Francisco Lindor OF - Victor Robles, Jesse Winker, Cedric Mullins, Willie Calhoun, Lewis Brinson, Raimel Tapia, Franchy Cordero SP - Jacob deGrom, Corey Kluber, Jack Flaherty, Chris Archer, Yu Darvish, Dylan Bundy, Matt Boyd, Dane Dunning, Mitch Keller, Domingo German, Mike Minor, Jeff Samardzija, Joe Ross, Alex Wood, Luiz Gohara RP - David Roberston, Will Smith, Seranthony Dominguez, Trevor Rosenthal, Diego Castillo I missed out on a lot of OF in the auction and decided to go young in hopes that a few of them turn into studs (robles and senzel in particular). Spent a combined $5 dollars on RP and feel like I've got a good enough staff to compete in sv/hld. Bought a few bounceback sp for cheap (Archer and Darvish). India was my last pick of the draft (for a buck) we were allowed to draft prospects in the auction but they must be kept as major leaguers, the remaining prospects and 2018 first year players will be drafted in a separate minors draft and those players will be kept on a doc roster and promoted once they reach the majors. After it was all said and done, I wasn't super happy with my team but I'm coming around. Any advice? Should I start a rebuild already? There's already trades going down but I think it's silly to trade away a drafted team a month before the season starts. Appreciate any input, leave a link and I'll respond to your thread. Thanks.
  3. Jonathan India - 3B, CIN

    Weird there's no thread on him. 5th pick of his draft class. He hit .350/.497/.717 in 2018 for the Gators with 21 dingers, 15 bags, and a 56/60 k/bb. Seen him ranked as high as 18 (prospectslive.com), 26 (IBW) and 48 (razzball). He's got a great balance of plate discipline, power, and speed. Here's prospectslive's writeup on him in their Reds prospect rankings. 2. Jonathan India, 3B Age: 21 Highest Level: A- .240/.380/.433, 6 HR, .193 ISO, 129 wRC+, 23.9% K%, 15.2% Bb%, 6 SB Selected fifth overall in the 2018 draft following a prolific collegiate career at Florida where he hit .310/.411/.530 with 31 home runs and 41 stolen bases in 193 games. India is a complete player with the ability to impact the game in a variety of ways. His feel for the strike zone, advanced approach, elite bat speed, and smart base running make him a multi-faceted offensive threat. While his good first step, natural instincts, and above-average throwing arm promise him a future in the dirt. At the plate India’s bat speed, strong hands, and smooth hips stick out. He coils well and almost corkscrews in his follow through using his lower half and core to generate torque. It’s one of the better swings in the minors in my humble opinion and one I could spend hours watching. It’s actually kind of impressive just how balanced and fluid his motion is, even staying on line on pop-ups. His frame doesn’t scream middle of the order bat, but it’s easy to see there’s a lot more power there than you’d expect at first glance. Slight uppercut bat path, and it feels like he’s able to consistently make contact at the precise moment his bat path begins to rise, allowing him to drive balls to his pull side with regularity. A lot of India’s profile at the plate reminds me of Mookie Betts, if only from an aesthetic standpoint. Similar coil, similar trigger motion in their hands, and a heavy reliance on using elite bat speed to rip pitches to the pull side. That’s not to say India is some future MVP, but he has the rare pretty right-handed swing. Overall there is a case to be made that India was the best player drafted in the 2018 class. If only due to his balance of skills, which on its face is not much different from what the Reds have in Senzel. It was an easy choice taking India over Trammell, as I have just as much faith in the former Florida star delivering a similar impact offensively while providing a significant amount more value in the field. Every year there’s a highly drafted college player with the ability to ascend to the bigs swiftly. ETA: 2020
  4. 2019 Middle Relievers Thread

    Trevor Rosenthal. He's not unanimously the next guy up with Barralough in the nations capital, but Doolittle doesn't exactly have a perfect bill of health. Between off days and a possible Doolittle DL stint Rosey could snag a few saves as well as a bunch of holds and good ratios. I'm thinking low 3 era, 12 k/9, 10 saves, and 15-20 holds.
  5. A new dynasty startup I'm in just finished the auction portion of our draft, everyone has $1 per player left so we've moved to fantrax with a snake format. We used CouchManagers for the auction. You have to pay for it to customize drafts but it's only a few bucks a month, you can cancel when you're done. We started with 2 noms per team at a time, 24 players at once, 8 hour nomination timer and 1 hour high bid reset timer. Once we got through the bulk of the draft and most teams had 10-20 extra dollars we dropped it to 6 hour nom time. We ran from 5 pm cst to midnight. This allowed for people in different time zones and schedules to participate. We have 40 man rosters, we got through 331/480 players in 15 days, 22/day. I would advise against 24 hour time limit, anything less than 12 should be fine. CM also has a "pass" feature, so if a player gets nom'd and 11/12 teams pass on them, the player is automatically awarded to the team with the highest bid. It takes a bit to get used to, but we ran a test draft so everyone could get the feel for nominating and bidding on players, then we started the real one. All in all, it was a good experience (platform wise), it was a dynasty so prices were outrageous, Trout and Betts went for 75 ($350 budget) and Vlad for 46. But I'd highly recommend CM for an offline auction draft.
  6. Agree with others, offense is definitely top notch. Pitching leaves a lot to be desired. Nothing streaming and a upside ww add couldn't fix. Good job
  7. which ML do I keep??

    I'd keep Nate Lowe and Laureano over Biggio and Gohara
  8. Last keeper help, whir

    14 team keep 10 for ever 5x5 with qs. Keepers are due tonight and I current have 11 options. Surefire keepers are: Rhys Altuve Bregman Rendon Carpenter Mookie Kluber Snell Nola My last spot could go to Haniger, David Peralta, or Flaherty. I'm leaning Haniger because I've got a solid pitching core, although I would be nice to have 3 young sp and maybe move Kluber this season. Thoughts?
  9. 7 keeper plus minors trade or hold

    Nope. I'd be keeping Seager.
  10. 2019 League Settings Discussion

    If it's 1 set number of max years then we'd basically redraft every 5 years. With the contracts idea we were trying to make it feel like free agency, studs hitting the market at different times over the course of the league. Thanks for the input.
  11. 2019 League Settings Discussion

    Some league mates of mine are starting a new dynasty league. We are stuck on keeper settings, wanted to throw out what we were working on and get some opinions. So the idea is 12 teams, h2h points league with 40 man rosters. Then a separate MiLB roster either kept on a doc or the minor league roster on fantrax. The catch here is that prospects can't be added to the minor league roster in season, only through the minor league draft and trades. The inaugural draft pool will include everyone so you can draft prospects but you'll have to keep them on your MLB roster all season, and keep them as such. The main debate is with keepers and costs. We don't want a do keep everyone forever kind of dynasty where the bottom teams can never dig themselves out of a hole. So the idea of contracts has been tossed around. Each team drafts with $350 dollars, they then have a certain amount of contracts. Let's say 5 five year contracts, 10 four year contracts, 10 three year contracts, 10 two year contracts, and everyone else is basically on a 1 year deal. Instead of thinking about them like actual contracts where you have to honor them, think of them as options. You can opt out of the remaining years and put the player back in the draft pool. So you can keep up to 35 players, as long as within budget for next year. At the start of each season you get 5 more 5 year contracts, if you keep less than the max, you get those contracts back to offer to the guys you draft. One issue we ran into was how to put a price on prospects that get promoted from your minor league roster, ones you drafted in the minor league snake, and not the main auction. Someone suggested arbitration years, when a player exceeds rookie status the team gets 2 full years of control at a set price determined by the commish. Then in the 3rd year you can offer them a contract as a MLB keeper at a price set determined by comparable players at their positions keeper costs (or another way if anyone has any suggestions). We're having the same kind of debate about ww adds, we will be using FAAB so maybe their keeper costs could be determined by how much they cost in season. Any suggestions, opinions, or ideas are welcome. We are trying to do this right from the start and keep managers interested for many years.
  12. Is this to much for Benni

    Pitchers have names Rush!
  13. Nate Lowe Luiz Gohara @sngehl01
  14. Corbin Burnes Keston Hiura @sngehl01
  15. Does anyone know a baseball website...

    https://www.baseball-reference.com/leagues/MLB/2018-appearances-fielding.shtml Expand the "player appearances" tab, itll show you every player in the majors and every position they played. Should be a good starting point, but you'll have to dive deeper for some players. Rizzo in 2018 on yahoo for example, where he had no games started at 2b but 10 appearances.