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  1. Khris Davis 2018 Outlook

    Took him in round 6 with pick 73 of a 14 teamer last night.
  2. SP Eligible Relievers 2018

    I've owned Norris for a few years now in a deep dynasty and he usually grows a killer beard over the offseason whIle he's traveling around in his VW bus and then goes babyfaced for the start of the season. Maybe that's been his problem and he'll finally reach his potential if he keeps the beard.
  3. Kyle Tucker, OF HOU

    Who benefits from Yuli's injury? If Marwin starts at 1B, does Tucker or Fisher get starts in LF?
  4. Anthony Rizzo 2018 Outlook

    No, but he is challenging JoRam for 2B2.
  5. Anthony Rizzo 2018 Outlook

    Hard telling with Maddon. It's very possible he continues the shift and Rizzo is 2b eligible in 2019 as well. I own him in 2 keeper leagues and I have been fending off offers left and right, none really worth it. He is a borderline first rounder with his eligibility and floor yet no one wants to pay that price for him. And that's fine, I love the guy.
  6. Machado/Bryant/Correa

    Is there an echo in here?
  7. Machado/Bryant/Correa

    You already have Bryant and Machado? Keep them both and move Castillo and another arm for Correa. JK. Just a little Rush humor. Seriously though, I'd keep what you have.
  8. Goldy keeper league trade, whir

    My gut is telling me Ramirez/Severino. It's easy to say take the best player in the deal, but they are all so close I feel like the move would be a bit lateral. Ramirez is only slightly behind Goldy for me, and I feel like the difference between Severino and Nola would be significant enough to tip the scale.
  9. Who to keep, real dilema whir

    Manny, Harper, Beni, Sale, Stras, Seager, then Bum/Kenley
  10. Trying to decide on final keeper...

    I'd rather have Hamilton. Can single-handedly win you weeks.
  11. Who to keep?

    Sounds like it was a 13 team league, and now it's 10. So there may be some pretty sweet guys available in the first couple rounds.
  12. Who to keep?

    Any other choices at lower rounds? Seager and Abreu are terrible values there. Hoskins, Marte, and Cmart for sure.
  13. I've got pick 12 /14 team redraft coming up soon and would love to get either Correa or Bryant there. Hoping to get Votto on the return (OPS is a cat). In your case, any combination of Turner/Correa/Bryant/Manny there would be awesome. I've even seen Mookie drop to 10 in some mocks, what do you do then? Blackmon? Be open-minded about it, because you really cant go wrong in the 1st round.
  14. Who to keep? WHIR

    Carlos Correa Hou - SS Gary Sánchez NYY - C Cody Bellinger LAD - 1B,OF Dee Gordon Sea - 2B Starling Marte Pit - OF Anthony Rendon Was - 3B Yoenis Céspedes NYM - OF Clayton Kershaw LAD - SP Stephen Strasburg Was - SP José Quintana ChC - SP Ken Giles Hou - RP Then either Arietta or Richards.
  15. Goldy keeper league trade, whir

    Actually, Im the Ramirez/Severino side. I am absolutely torn on what to do. I love Ramirez but Goldy offers the same profile but with more counting stats and 1b eligibility. Ramirez has the youth, but Goldy is the known commodity. Just a plus that I adore Nola and want to make sure I find a way to keep him or draft him with my first pick.