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  1. Anyone starting him today after missing a few weeks on the IL?
  2. He's only started 4 games this year. His 2 blowups were first starts back from dl stints. I dont understand why hes a "bench until he's good" guy right now. I'm starting with confidence, and if I'm wrong I'm wrong, but hes a stud and I start my studs.
  3. Because they wanted to keep Norris and the other guy on their normal schedule for today's double header.
  4. Can we see a team of yours rush? Seriously, do you have 12 bench bats and 0 arms?
  5. Q would be my choice. Paxton is a top 20 arm so do everything you can to get him.
  6. I'd hold if you could. Trading him is not out of the question but with the lead you have I think you could wait it out.
  7. Thanks everyone. I ended up moving him for a mlb 1st, round 21, and a fypd 2nd.
  8. The last thing I need is another bat. votto, Dozier, Santana ride my bench while I have senzel, hiura, and tapia in my minors.
  9. Bellow is my roster in a 14 team keep forever dynasty league. I have a league mate who wants to buy votto for a pick. either 2020 mlb (rounds 20 through 26, we keep 20) or a 2019 fypd pick. Abreu is my 1b and I've only started votto a handful of times this season. I have more bench bats than I'd like so I'm trying to move some, Domingo Santana, Dozier, votto, while hiura, Senzel, tapia are on my minors with a right to a start. I'd be shooting for a 1st round in either draft. while I'd like to move votto since hes obviously declining, a pick just feels cheap. is this the right move to deal an aging bat to make way for my young guys? Appreciate the input, leave a link I'll help you in return.
  10. Currently trying to buy low on trevor bauer and high on gerrit cole
  11. Seems like I'm completely wrong. But he does have above avg sprint speed. So the 20/20 seasons seem likely.
  12. I've heard he's as fast as Trea Turner. Dont know how true that is. If I find the source I saw it on I'll link it.
  13. He played quite a few games there last year, 3b up until then. In the offseason he was tabbed as the starting CF. Once scooter got injured thought hed move to 2b when he came back but I read they're still looking at him in CF.
  14. He got a save tonight! What is going on? Is he out of the rotation? 10 inning game, so maybe they had no one else as Leone, Mayers, Miller, Gant, and Reyes all pitched before him.