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  1. I'd hold onto AB at all costs if you could. if you could get a solid rb3/flex with luck then that's the way I'd go with it. I'd rather stream QBs than RBs. I just wouldn't feel comfortable with tate as my wr1.
  2. I am 1-4, what do I do? WHIR

  3. Trading for Davante Adams WHIR 100%

    Foreman only has value as a stash, no one will trade for him. Like JJ said, you'd have to give up more and I don't think that's in your best interest. You definitely need WR help, is there anyone on the WW worth adding?
  4. Hey everyone. After 5 weeks I have found myself with a losing record and if I don't win the next couple matchups my season will be over. I will include my roster and some available players off the WW, I just need some advice on what I should do moving forward. 14 teams .5 ppr QB - Cousins WR - K. Allen, C. Davis, L. Fitzgerald, W. Fuller, K. Stills, D. Thomas RB - S. Barkley, S. Michel, Ty Montgomery, Duke Johnson, Gio Bernard (IR) TE - D. Njoku DEF - Philly K - M. Bryant WW replacement options QB - Winston, Trubisky, Beathard, Mariota WR - Hogan, Sanu, Garcon RB - Clement, Smallwood, M. Davis, TE - Brate, Swaim, R. Griffin WW isn't too promising. Not sure what to do besides opening up my entire team to trades. My WR have really been hit or miss this year. And by that I mean I missed on Fullers big games in weeks 2 and 3, Davis' in week 4, and Allen and Fitz have been up and down so far, mostly down. Barkley is the only bright spot in my lineup. Do I stand a chance by standing pat? Should I try to turn Barkley into a wr2 and rb2? Will Fitz ever turn it on? Is my season doomed? Appreciate any advice, WHIR if you leave a link.
  5. 2018 Celebration Thread- Victory is Mine!

    Just won my 14 team 10 keeper league! Was tied at 5x5 coming into today, winning all batting stats, barely trailing in every pitching cat. Came down to my Nola and Snell vs his Miley and Keller. Ended up winning 8-1. In my 14 team dynasty, I am entering the finals going up against the no. 1 seed, but feeling pretty confident. 2 start weeks from Kluber, Ray, and Taillon got me feeling good, but my bats need to show up. Also, going into the final week of my roto league with a 4 point lead. Have held 1st place all year long, same as last year, except my team broke down over the final weeks and I failed to win, not this year! (I hope) Meanwhile, I am playing for 6th place in my redraft, and I'm 0-3 and 1-2 in my 2 football leagues. So it's nice to get a few W's
  6. 9/9/18 Chiefs vs Chargers Game Day Thread

    just tuned in and saw him catch a pass that was clearly meant for Allen, thrown way over his head.
  7. Is Trading Back Worth It?

    Alex Collins (30th) and Aaron Jones (102nd) or Larry Fitzgerald (42nd) and Demariyus Thomas (55th) - Those just so happen to have been my 4th and 5th round picks in my 12 team redraft. I'm for this trade as long as you make your first 2 picks count.
  8. Help w/ my 3 keepers [WHIR]

    I'd go with option 1. Wilson in the 5th is better value than thomas in the 4th. Then I'd go RB/wr/flex with your first 3 picks. You'd have a solid squad at that point.
  9. who would you pick with that 5th pick? WHIR

    AB, unless one of the top RB's fall
  10. Big Trade! Need Help WHIR ALWAYS

    I'd stick with JJ personally.

    Drake Davis and Luck for me! Agree with others though, if Gordon makes progress then he's in instead of luck.
  12. McKinnon or Kelce

    Thinking about offering McKinnon and Brate for Kelce and Chris Carson/Chris Thompson 12 team .5 PPR what do you think? good deal for me? heres my current roster QB - Cousins WR - Allen, Fitzgerald, Demaryius Thomas, Corey Davis, Fuller, Coleman RB - Barkley, McKinnon, Michel, Duke Johnson Jr, Gio Bernard TE - Brate DEF - Phi K - Bryant
  13. Rate my team please

    Sorry, 12 teams .5 ppr
  14. Rate my team please

    QB - Cousins WR - Allen, Fitzgerald, Demaryius Thomas, Corey Davis, Fuller, Coleman RB - Barkley, McKinnon, Michel, Duke Johnson Jr, Gio Bernard TE - Brate DEF - Phi K - Bryant Should've drafted a backup TE, or at least a better one. I'm confident in my starters but not so much my bench. What moves should I make? Guys I should look to trade away? Trade for? Any help is appreciated.
  15. Hosmer or Cano? WHIR

    Personally, I'd stick with Hosmer