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  1. 2018 RB Rankings

    Anyone have any feelings on Ronald Jones? Hear a lot of hype about him only having Barber to beat. Plus Dirk loves to run the ball . Top 10 past two years in rushing attempts . Anyone think he breaks out?
  2. 2018 RB Rankings

    Yea was looking more Fantasy rb. I like Freeman . Just hope his situation holds
  3. 2018 RB Rankings

    Who is your top rookie rbs after Barkley ?
  4. Barkley is the undisputed #1 but who do you have after that since Guice went down . I’ve done so much research and it seems there is a bit of a mixed bag . Kerryon Johnson Ronald Jones Royce Freeman Rashaad Penny Sonny Michel what is your order? Above isn’t mine just a list of rbs that haven’t torn their acl .
  5. Looks like 1.1- Barkley 1.2- Michel 1.3- Penny im up not sure if I should go Jones , Freeman or go defense . I have a ton of stud defenders though .
  6. Yea it’s tough . Now that Guice is out for the year may make sense to go defense . Still undecided
  7. 12 team dynasty league . You keep every player year to year . I have pick 1.4 this year in our rookie draft . I expect Barkley , Guice and RB/ wr to be off the board. This leaves me with Smith , Edmunds or best available RB to take . Who would you go with? Team is : 12 Team Half point PPR Dynasty league QB- Dak Rb- D Johnson Rb- Mixon Wr- Juju Wr-Hopkins Flex- D Adams Te- J Reed LB- Trevathan LB- Bowman DL- M Garrett DL-F Cox DB- K Joseph DB- Reshad Jones DP- Telvin Smith DP- L David Bench Amari Cooper Isiah Crowell D Martin R Cobb T Jefferson Suh C Clay McKinnon Josh Gordon Malik Jackson J Butt
  8. I’d move Rizzo . Yea he’s hot now but the guy is a victim of the shift . I don’t trust him ROS . Help me with mine :
  9. I would do this . Turner has been so underwhelming this year . Especially coming from a Turner owner . Only worry for me is Degrom from a wind perspective . He won’t get you wins ( well the Mets can’t score ).
  10. Need some help here . Paxton is quickly approaching his max IPs in a season and he has injury history . BUT he’s been my #1 ace on my squad this year . Should I move away from him now or hold ? Deal is - Paxton , Teoscar Hernandez for Moustakas, Desmond (Col) , Danny Duffy Current Squad is - C - Ramos 1b- Rizzo 2b- Gennett 3b- Chapman SS- Turner OF- Soto, Acuna , Myers , Kiermaier Util - Aguilar Bench -Kingery , Teoscar , Nimmo, O’Neill , Bradley Jr., Donaldson SP- Weaver , Bieber , Ray, Eflin , Paxton , Berrios, Stripling , Richards (MIA) , Suarez (SF) RP- Norris , Vasquez .
  11. Trevor Richards 2018 Outlook

    Another solid start vs Washington . 6ip 8 ks 0ER ND. Dude can’t get any help offensively . I’d love to add him but I dog trust his offense
  12. Jose Berrios 2018 Outlook

    Every time I roll this guy out I have absolutely no idea what I’m getting . Makes me feel super great about having him on my team lol .
  13. Take this hands down . Love the Bregman side . Thanks for help with mine
  14. Trade for TROUT? Whir

    He countered with Trout , Crawford , Arrieta , Eddie Rodriguez , Fulmer for Turner , Paxton , Soto , Vazquez