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  1. I'm really interested. Can pay right away. Is there anyway to push draft back 15-30 min? Thats what time I get in from work. If not, that's ok. I can just start draft on my phone. Email is
  2. I think you could get more people to join if you were to explain where the money would be held. I know I am curious and would like to join if you could tell us.
  3. I'm interested if there are still any openings.
  4. I might be interested, sounds like a great idea for a league, but can't view team. You might have to make league viewable to public. Let me know. I am 40, a teacher who uses fantasy as a break from that stress, have been playing baseball and football for 15 years, and always on the lookout for good leagues.
  5. Sounds like a get league. Very interested.