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  1. Looking to draft when full. -Each Team Will Get Choose 2 Players And Those 2 Players ADP Will Be Added Together. Their ADPS Will Determine The Draft Order.- We Will Start Snake Style And Start Off With 1 Player. Once You Get In And All Payed Up You Tell Me Who You Want And I Will Add Them To Your Roster. Once We All Full And Everyone Has Picked Their Franchise Players I WIll Then Tally Up The Points And Post The Draft Order. - Draft Pick Trading Will Be Allowed.
  2. ahha im pretty sure you arent in it, 10 teams enter 1 leaves champ
  3. ESPN Snake $50 Leaguesafe Just need emails for invites and will draft when full
  4. 12 teams Leaguesafe Cats ESPN Snake $50 Draft when full Please leave emails