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  1. We all draft 3 teams and those teams will fill out our rosters. 10 teams ppr espn $25 Please leave emails
  2. Sorry guys i just filled up but thanks anyways and best of luck
  3. yup just need somone to get in a pay and we'll be set
  4. $45 ESPN Snake Leaguesafe Please leave email
  5. 10 teams Espn Leaguesafe $55 Please leave emails
  6. Yea so we are going to have a snake style draft to pick our 3 teams those 3 teams will fill out our roster for the whole season. So if u had the bears cowoys and patriots u can only use those 3 teams players for the whole season unless u trade.
  7. Once We Are Full & All Paid Up I Will Randomized The Draft Order. Once We Have Our Draft Order We Will Have A Snake Style Draft & Pick Our Teams. Those 3 Teams We Choose Will Fill Out Our Roster For The Whole Season. Espn, 10 Team LS $25
  8. wouldn't mind if if we can get enough for it