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  1. Then why are you on a Fantasy Baseball discussion forum? I think those comparisons are fair as far as comparing an outcome for tool potential. Does it mean they will become clones of those players? No, and I think that is common sense when making these comparisons.
  2. Vlad Jr is like 4-7 years away and is a complete roll of the dice. Maybe Vlad Jr has more upside, but he has more downside as well. And again "maybe" has more upside. I dont see how anyone chooses a player who is 7 years away over a guy who could hit 30 home runs with a good average pretty soon. Yeah, that has been my rationale...just needed to be convinced to step away from the ledge. Obviously, there's less uncertainty with Reed since he's so close to the majors. Vlad's scouting reports are so tantalizing though. When I here reports that it's a potential toss up between Vlad and Devers, it makes me pause for a second. But Devers is also a prospect who hasn't done anything in the bigs. I'm not saying Jr isn't a guy to target, he could be a top 100 guy in a couple years and then top 10, just well below the current top guys. And AJ Reed has?
  3. Anyone notice he is still listed under SD rather than ATL in ESPN leagues? And here too...Am I missing something?
  4. They could be rebuilt a lot sooner than people think. Word on the street is Fried has his fast ball back. Dont really know how I'd rank em. Newcomb, Sims, Touki, and Blair are all pretty intriguing prospects. Fried and Allard are the better prospects...