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  1. I'm right there with Tony... with your scoring setup Verlander is worth too much to deal here.
  2. I'd do that definitely... Bauers doesn't really matter here.
  3. I like going after really any of those pitchers and just in general I'm always a fan of 2 for 1 or 3 for 2 "consolidation" deals in fantasy... I'd go for Marquez personally unless he's really selling Nola at a discount.
  4. Lindor about to come off the DL... I kinda hate cutting bait on hampson but I have too many middle infielder types already. Cut hampson or somebody else? could consider Piscotty or Voit I guess but I feel more confident in them going forward... don’t have any pitchers I want to cut C Jansen 1B T Shaw / L Voit 2B K Hernandez 3B M Moustakas SS J Villar (about to be Lindor) OF JDM, Hanigar, M Smith, Piscotty, Meadows
  5. I don't think I'd burn the 2nd priority here... he could be out 8 weeks plus sapped power on return worst case...
  6. ERA notwithstanding I'm very interested in Corbin Burnes after that start the other night... he's going to rack up some k's
  7. I don't hate it.. If you are worried about Sale after that start it's not bad. McNeil could be a great piece or near useless, hard to say yet... I'd say this is getting about 85-90% value of a healthy Sale. If you are worried about him at all it's not the worst move. Having said that I bet you could get a litte more.
  8. In addition, I could try something like: Rendon / L Voit (?) for his Marte / M Andujar?
  9. 12 team h2h 5x5 With Lindor going down I feel like I need more speed on this roster. I'm not thrilled with this trade but I would consider it pretty close to fair (I have those guys < 5 spots apart on my rankings). The kicker is that if I pull the trigger 3B is now manned by Max Muncy (1b/2b/3b) and 2B by Jeff McNeil at least until Lindor is back. It also gives me a glut in the OF... so it's not ideal, BUT it does nicely address the speed problem. Adding Marte without trading an OF means one of Jimenez / Voit / Piscotty would have to sit regularly. I could also pick up Maikel Franco who is off to a nice start for additional 3B coverage and at 2B C Pinder, B Lowe, D Pedroia, E Nunez, B Zobrist and K Wong are out there. Finally at SS, A Simmons, J Polanco are probably the best of the bunch. not great but any of those could be ok as a stopgap/backup. Or I could sit tight and hope Laureano turns into something useful with some speed and Lindor gets back sooner than expected... Here's the offense: C W Castillo 1B P Goldschmidt 2B M Muncy (1b/2b/3b)/ J McNeil (2b/3b) 3B A Rendon SS K Hernandez (1b/2b/ss/of) OF Yelich / Springer / Jimenez UTIL L Voit / S Piscotty Bench R Laureano DL F Lindor Thoughts? WHIR leave a link...
  10. I actually like Mullins leading off this year as a sleeper/cheap potential SB source.... but yeah... not a whole lot else going on in that lineup. Villar, Mancini (kinda).. Does wondering if Chris Davis can possibly be worse count as interesting? Also, I think I'm gonna really enjoy owning Voit on every team this year....
  11. I'd hold. I also definitely wouldn't drop Stripling for him, Stripling > Glasnow. Lucchesi maybe, Woodruff yes. See if he makes it to FA.
  12. Wheeler. Absolutely no question.
  13. Hampson has more upside but a stupider manager.... (ian desmond? really?) I'd probably go Hampson but be willing to move on in a few weeks if he's not getting abs.
  14. Kike > Polanco > Cabrera I actually have Kike filling in for Lindor on 2 of my teams...