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  1. I would pickup Vazquez at C. Rest of the offense I think looks good... but I would keep an eye on Mallex and Kingery. Pitching wise you are for sure decimated with injuries. But you still have studs to carry you, The problem with picking up guys is the wire seems pretty thin. All those guys are matchup type pitchers so I would try to play the matchup game until Carrasco, Kluber, Severino, and Glasnow comeback. But I would not expect them all back this year, you probably have to assume 1 or 2 are done for the year given all the setbacks pitchers have had.
  2. I would do that. But I’m very biased to closers/relievers from my league setup. I would also grab LeClerc as he has looked better and the closer job is his very soon.
  3. NL only league looking to trade for one of these guys for the second half of the season. Albies is by far the more talented hitter but he has underperformed and Marte has seemingly over performed so far. What do you guys think?
  4. [...] I like the talent and his k/9 should continue to be great but he’s due for blowups against good teams and his era will probably be north of 4 ROS.
  5. He’s been an RBI machine lately. His average has been creeping up as well. If i recall last year he started slow coming back from the knee injury and then had a solid 2nd half with the cubs. Is he a great buy low candidate?
  6. Would asking the Albies owner in a 1 for 1 be enough you think? Or is that too little or too much for Soroka? I can also try Cutch? I could use a 2B or OF
  7. I agree with the guys above. Usually trading for players who are injured, whether it’s serious or not always takes somewhat of a hit. For example, I have been trying to trade Cano for some time now. The offers I had 2 weeks ago were WAY better than the few offers I have now. Even though he’ll probably be back by mid-end June people don’t want any part of that so your trade partner may want to take the best offer he can cause your def giving him a fair offer.
  8. I was offered my Soroka for D.Murphy and Rich Hill in a NL only league None are holdovers so just ROS trade. Think it makes sense as I am first in pitching and 9/12th in hitting but these old farts scare me😆
  9. I personally think Hicks is overrated and there is always the potential for another back injury. I like a lot of the hitters on the wire over him. It comes down to who you prefer but I would much rather have Vogelbach or Buxton for example than Hicks. But I am also very against Hicks as I think he’s too injury prone and even if he stays healthy his numbers will be pedestrian other than run production. I would say ROS 260 avg 12 HRs 6 SBs.
  10. Deciding on who I want to trade for giving me best value rest of year since I’m desperate for offense in a deep league. Murphy, Votto, J.Turner, McCutchen, Swanson. Thanks! WHIR
  11. AL only roto. Would get Berrios, caveat is I would have to give up H.Robles along with Price. I’m first in saves so I figured it wouldn’t hurt but if Berrios is not that much better should I do it? Current Pitching staff: Bauer, Morton, Price, German, Canning, Duffy, Hand, Castillo, Pagan, Pressly, Robles
  12. Why is that the ongoing perception on this forum? How have they screwed up Arenado, Story, Dahl, CarGo long ago, and developing the late blooming Blackmon. Hampson and McMahon have not hit when given their chances. Tapia has been solid and has been rewarded playing time. That being said, I think Rodgers is going to get consistent ABs with how McMahon and even Murphy have struggled. Maybe not full time ABs to start but if he’s hitting he will be playing full time.
  13. Don't listen to him, he would tell you to drop prime Nolan Ryan if it meant getting a bench bat. I would go Santana and Gurriel. You wouldn't want to punt Holds with Brebbia and for sure don't want to drop Hicks. You have a great 3 headed monster with Hader, Yates, and Hicks