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  1. Good for him he deserves it, but I don't understand it. I don't get the motive other than maybe he's content with the team and wants to play for one organization his whole career. But he could've got more money in free agency, played on a team that actually competes, and somewhere he could explode in terms of popularity. Playing for the Yanks, Red Sox, or going back home to Philly would provide so much more attention not just to die hard fans, but casual fans as well. But I guess that's not really important to him.
  2. Luke Voit hits 40 Homers with 120 RBIs .290 / .400
  3. The commentating killed it. “Gosh that was loud... So Brad, what did you do today to settle in?”😂
  4. That is alright man! I appreciate it the advice! As for Chapman, I would be getting Matt Chapman not Aroldis Chapman, I don't know if that changes your decision at all... Also Gallo hurts me big time in Average but he is actually solid at getting on base so I think that's beneficial for an OBP format.
  5. They all are between $1-$4 as keepers. Gallo has 1 year left of control, Hicks as well, Voit/Chapman have 2 left.
  6. AL Only roto league, OBP instead of AVG league, I got offered my Aaron Hicks and Luke Voit for Joey Gallo and Matt Chapman? I feel like I am overthinking it and I should take it, especially given it is an OBP league and that is Gallo's main weakness. Thanks!
  7. Bird Bird Bird... Dont kill the hype of an actual promising player and instead make a Greg Bird 2019 Outlook. Bird couldnt hold Voit's jockstrap.
  8. Up until August 28th his stat line was 16 HRs / 62 RBIs / 60 Runs... You could say "who cares look at the end result" but he flat out was not worth the value until basically September. He does have back to back to back seasons with similar numbers going for him, but I feel he is being over valued from the posts here and some of the reports I have read on him. He is going similarly to where he was last year despite a decline in stolen bases to where it is non existent.
  9. I think Kirby Yates provides awesome value where he is being drafted. Looking past the excellent numbers he put up last year, the team context is improving with the Machado signing and prospects coming up so I don't envision a mid season sell trade. Also, Jose Castillo was just out on the 60 day DL so he has no competition in his way. He's still going outside the top 12 relievers.
  10. It works. Tried it last year. Now going to try it in Roto leagues. In my 6x6 NL only league I'll dominate saves, holds, era, whip. Might finish low at Ks and Ws but I won't be spending nearly as much on pitching and I could load up on offense. For example, give me Diaz, Hader, and Dominguez and I will end up spending 1/3 of 3 top end SPs like Corbin, Taillon, Hamels. People will bash it but it works. Only problem is if you have an innings limit. But most leagues aren't too strict from my experience. In a 10 pitcher slot league the highest I have seen is 800 which is easily attainable by just using your 9-10 spots for SP matchups on the wire.
  11. Trout, Betts, Acuna is the clear cut top 3 right now heading into this season in my opinion.
  12. I’ve been thinking about dropping Price at his price and keeping 2/3 of those guys... only thing stopping me is that the SP market is thin with only Sale, Kluber, Tanaka, Happ, Kikuchi then it falls off big time.
  13. I asked this question over a month ago and got mixed results. Now that we are closer to the season and have more clarity, who should I holdover as my 8th holdover in a AL only 6x6 with Holds league? My current 7: Bauer($2), Morton($1), Price($16), Heaney($1), Hand($13), Profar($1), Hicks($5). Options for 8: Voit($4), Alvarado($1), Meadows($6)
  14. Ill take my chances he starts and gets close to full time ABs. I would say he is a good bet for 30+ steals. As for any other production I don't expect much but with an ADP 300+ I won't complain. He could potentially be Mallex Smith to a lesser degree. His minors career shows a patient hitter who can take walks when needed. Ill be buying on him in AL Only leagues for sure.