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  1. Rank these players?

    Forgot to mention these are keepers for up to 2 seasons. A lot of love for Devers, but is that based off years down the line or can he make a big enough impact in 19' and 20' seasons.
  2. Should I Do This Deal - 100% WHIR

    For sure stay put. Votto and Rizzo are equals and Snell is far better than Devers or Turner. Unless you have a god awful 3B than don't do it.

    I want to say trade but I don't know what the demand is like for him at that round for 2 years. If you can get 2 solid arms go for it, but if not I wouldn't get desperate trading him and just wait it out instead.
  4. Nelson Cruz Trade Question

    I say keep Cruz. He's starting to round into form to the point where he's almost back on his 40/100 pace
  5. Lost season, time to trade for keepers... How would you rank these guys to target? Devers- $12 Gallo- $1 German-$10 Rodon- $4 Treinen-$1 Morton-$1 Heaney- $1 A.Simmons- $1
  6. Franmil Reyes 2018 Outlook

    Can everyone stop hyping up every Padres prospect this year? Because so far everyone has sucked. Margot and Pirela going into the year, Cordero especially, and now this guy.
  7. Cody Bellinger 2018 Outlook

    I reminisce over the 2017 Outlook page and viewing those monster games he had in May/June and all the excitement around him... I hope he can snap out of it.
  8. Yes this team can dominate. Especially pitching wise. That staff would be good in a 6 man league haha. The hitting is missing a stud though. But overall pretty well rounded for roto.
  9. Got an offer in a 12 team AL only league. We’re both falling behind and need to make a move to change things up. Does this trade make sense on my end? Give: Snell, Montgomery and Chirinos Get: Hicks, Calhoun, Stroman, and Miller Thanks in advance!
  10. Willie Calhoun 2018 Outlook

    I don't understand while he is still not up after all these injuries. Who cares how bad the defense is, get him acclimated to the majors since its a rebuild and wasted season anyways.
  11. Jose Bautista 2018 Outlook

    The Braves are really high on him it seems. Already deeming him the starting 3B when he comes up. With the young core around him I think he can have some decent value in 12+ teamers and especially NL only leagues. ROS I think he can achieve a line of 250/340/25/75. It could easily fall apart but I think he needed a fresh start leaving the Jays. www.numberfire.com/mlb/player-news/79870/jose-bautista-to-be-braves-starting-third-baseman
  12. In a 12 team NL only league my team seems to be falling behind in hitting cats in the early going, especially SBs. Do I trade Swanson and Ray for Kingery and Myers? This is my team: C: Cervelli 1B: Moran 2B: Murphy 3B: Rendon SS: Seager MI: Swanson CI: B. Anderson OF: Bellinger OF: Acuna OF: Peralta OF: Belt P: Ray P: Taillon P: Godley P: Hill P: Samardzjia P: Newcomb P: Jansen P: Minter P: Steickenrider P: Barnes P: Glasnow
  13. I’d stay put. You have the best pitcher and closer in baseball. The best 2B in baseball. And monsters with the Martinez’s, Rizzo and Bellinger. Then you add in Eaton, Yelich, Andrus and Samardzjia when they come back and you’ll be more than alright. If you were to make a move I would say trade Jose Martinez while his value is insanely high and grab a #2 SP because unless Archer gets traded I don’t think you can rely on SP2 numbers from him.
  14. Newcomb is a lock. I’d lean more towards Duffy over ERod despite his injury history.
  15. Hader or Albers?

    Without question Hader. Even without the closer role he’s still leaps and bounds ahead of Albers.