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  1. I am in a bit of a dilemma after making a trade. We are allowed to holdover up to 7 players. I decided to trade 3 players to a team with weak holdovers to gain an extra holdover spot of his so that I have 8 and he has 6. Apparently a few teams didn't like this and complained since it wasn't something in the constitution. In return, the guy I wanted to trade with and I decided that I would agree to trade each 3 players he was originally getting for $1 auction dollar each and the 4th player I wanted as my extra keeper for $1 since that's allowed, and then once the draft starts I'd give those $4 back for the guy I wanted to holdover that he was holding. This may sound a little confusing but Is this right or wrong for me to manipulate something that I think shouldn't have been stopped in the first place? I appreciate all responses!
  2. Extreme hitter / pitcher split strategy

    I believe the distribution at the top is very similar with aces, but when it comes to finding pitchers in the next set of tiers I have found it very easy in the NL over the last couple years. Of course the overall numbers look better for NL pitchers but I see more depth. I haven't made my NL rankings yet but I know for AL my Pitchers outside the top 12 begin with Morton, Tanaka, Happ, Eovaldi, Kikuchi, Heaney. Not a great group by any means.
  3. Extreme hitter / pitcher split strategy

    To expand on my last post. A guy with awful keepers last year in my NL league did what was said above about a 220/40 and he won the league with just set up guys and sneaky starters from week to week and just had a monster offense with the likes of Goldy, Freeman Story, Carpenter, and Puig.
  4. Wil Myers 2019 Outlook

    His ADP right now is a steal if everything goes right and he plays a full season. His 16' and 17' numbers would be a bargain. But I am not confident he can stay healthy in the OF.
  5. Extreme hitter / pitcher split strategy

    I lean towards pitching in AL and hitting in NL almost every year. Pitching is scarce in AL, especially with the keepers that are gone in my league. I am not in redraft auctions but in my AL league for example I have Bauer, Price, Morton, and Hand for cheap so I am going all out on hitting where I am weak. That's more of a testament to my keepers than AL or NL but I overal find it harder to make up pitching in the AL. In redraft I would say go 160 offense / 100 pitching in NL and I would go 130/130 split for AL if everything went as planned.
  6. Destroyed AAA once again and then slashed 12/42/276/354 on a great offense that should see rebounds out of Correa and Altuve. Yet although it's January, I don't seem to hear much so far about him. What are your guys thoughts this season and with DH for the taking this year is he in for a full season of ABs?
  7. Gauging keeper value

    Opposite to what kenag said, I prefer to go with the less expensive keeper if there $ difference is the same. An example in my AL league that was offered to me was Morton at $1, for Bregman at $28. In my league I could estimate that Bregman is a $55 player, while Morton is a $28. But I would prefer having Morton for cheap and be flexible at the draft. Some of this philosophy just may be me wanting to have a more fun draft experience since this league is a live draft with friends and I always feel bad for the guy who's holds over the 2-3 $50+ players he had the previous year just to sit there at the draft the first hour or two before he can actually start getting in on the action. I also believe an injury or down season to Bregman as a $28 Keeper would be more detrimental than if it happens to Morton at $1.
  8. Tommy Pham 2019 Outlook

    Looking back at his TB numbers he put up is really enticing. He doesn't have the track record and has the injury risk is there but the potential is there to reach on him depending on where the hype ends up.
  9. I am in a dilemma with Damien Williams getting the start this week, which 3/4 do I go with? Gordon, Henry, Mack, and Williams.
  10. 12 team? This team is stacked for an 6 man league
  11. Deshaun Watson 2018 Outlook

    Proved me wrong yesterday... I am still going with Winston cause of the matchup and higher potential for a shoot out than Hou vs Cle. Texans D is pretty scary up front and feel the browns won't be able to put up many points.
  12. Christian McCaffrey 2018 Outlook

    Tough but I'd have CMC in there. 1. Gurley 2. Hunt 3. Gordon 4. McCaffrey 5. Barkley 6. Zeke 7. Kamara
  13. Deshaun Watson 2018 Outlook

    I'm picking up Winston and starting him over Watson this week. I am a big Watson fan, took him in the 4th round after seeing his crazy half season last year thinking this is the type of guy I would be drafting but he's so far gone from what he did last year. I think part of it had to do with being banged up earlier this year, but the big factor I believe is the defense. Watt being back has established this defense into the upper tier, and its given the Texans the luxury for Watson to only have to throw 20 times a game. In the beginning of the year, he was throwing and putting up some really solid numbers thanks to high yardage, but since week 4 he has been an awful fantasy starter outside of the Dolphins game. It's hard to say this because his upside was tremendous going into the season (Maybe higher than anybody else) but his upside against a defensive minded conservative offense like the Titans who will be without Mariota is probably 2 TDs and 250 yards. That's best case without throwing INTs like he has done. I think it's a repeat of last week against the Redskins and they win a low scoring battle. I am 5-6 (most part to Watsons poor play) and I at least know from Winston that I am going to go down swinging because with Winstons upside, awful Bucs defense, and how bad the niners defense is that he should light them up for at least 25-30 fantasy points in my opinion. I know there's the chance he could be pulled by halftime with 3 picks, but I'll take that chance rather than stay on the Watson train to know I'm getting 12 fantasy points again.
  14. Chubb for Hunt

    As an owner of Hunt in one league, he is a stud in that offense. Whether it's on the ground or in the air he is heavily involved. There are two factors in why you need to make that trade. 1. Chiefs > Browns, I know that doesn't always make or break a player but when you remember it's the Browns and how they've been over the years. An example is T.Richardson. 2. Hunt is a much better receiver than Chubb and he's even better for PPR if that's your league settings.
  15. So I am 4-6 and still 1 game out with 3 to go in a 6 team playoff 10 man league. Should I make these two big moves that seem to link up perfectly if I accept both together? 1st Give: Watson and Cohen Get: M.Thomas 2nd Give: Adams Get: Brees and Golladay Essentially I would get Brees, Thomas, and Golladay for Watson, Cohen, and Adams? This is my current team: QB: Watson RB: Elliot RB: Chubb WR: Adams WR: Allen WR: C. Davis/Sutton TE: Graham Flex: Cohen/Breida Deeper at WR but lost Fuller and Kupp