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  1. Y'all think it is mandatory to cuff with Jamal this year?
  2. To settle for one of the others would be a decent consolation prize I guess
  3. Picking 4 tonight in a big money league, have no clue what I am going to do with Zeke there
  4. Doing a slow draft, I have pick 10, both are here, I am taking one of them PPR redraft 12 owner league
  5. Reason #4 to hold your drafts late.........
  6. yes just stream from laptop to TV via HDMI Here is the deal again lmk if you have issues CBS Commissioner Deal
  7. So Sox and Bombers this week, anyone got the stones for it? I can handle 5-6 ER total but not getting destroyed
  8. Well, hits getting fewer by the day but with the schedule this week gonna be had to sit. He kills 4 of the SP he is up against so guess I gotta ride this week hope and hope for the best
  9. I believe new leagues only I had existing but told all the fellas why I am starting a new one, they had no issue