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  1. Nolan Arenado on the Reds would lose PT to Suarez
  2. $162 total gets you in using League Safe $150 buy in $12 each owner to pay the CBS Commissioner Payout done via League Safe majority 1st - $1000 2nd - $550 3rd- $250 Live online CBS Auction Saturday March 23rd 2 PM Eastern CBS Commissioner AL/NL 12 Owners 5x5 ROTO (OBP/HR/RBI/R/SB) (ERA/WHIP/SO/QS/SV) Weekly Lineup sets (Monday) FAAB used for FA's and run only on Sunday night and Thursday night Trades voted on by league owners Rosters C / 1B/ 2B / SS / MI / 3B / CI / OF / OF / OF / OF / OF / U P P P P P P P P P Reserve spots- 8 injured spots- 2 PM if necesarry
  3. Here is my 17 I got. Sold my 18, cannot find a pic. Johnny Damon lookalike LOL
  4. Cool deal! I signed up for 2 leagues using your links. Got this last year, had to call a CBS rep to get the codes after waiting 15 days for MLBtv but wow what a deal!!! I can confirm, you have to use the link above and create a new league, will not work on existing no matter what tricks you try Hilarious what the bobblehead last year looked like!! Worth the price of free though
  5. Yahoo Deep Fun league!! $350 League Safe with Majority payout rule in effect 1st Place - $2500 2nd Place - $1300 3rd Place - $400 LIVE Yahoo online Auction ($260) Sunday March 17th 4:30 PM Eastern Time 12 owners Al/NL 5x5 basic Roto FAAB runs everyday - Each Owner has $1000 budget, $0 allowed Trades voted on my league members Weekly Lineup sets (Mondays) C 1B 2B SS MI 3B CI OF OF OF OF OF U P P P P P P P P P Bench = 8 DL = 3 PM if you need anything
  6. Deep fun league, we fill up in prior and will fill up again, get with me ASAP, once we have 10 owners, we start the paying process 2019 CBS Baseball Commissioner $350.00 + CBS fee (usually 12.50 for each owner) Buy in and any League Safe fee Majority Rule Payout 1st Place - $2500.00 2nd Place - $1200.00 3rd Place - $500.00 12 owners 5x5 Roto (BA/HR/R/RBI/SB--ERA/WHIP/W/K/SV) Unlimited trades, adds, drops Trades voted on by league, 5 objections max AL/NL Full MLB Universe LIVE Draft on CBS Saturday March 23rd 4PM C 1B 2B SS MI 3B CI OF OF OF OF U U P P P P P P P P P Reserve - 10 DL - 3 PM or email, email preferred..............
  7. Well based on what I have seen over the past 3 weeks from the Raiders and what I have seen from Cincy D here is my take Easy floor of 10 points this week, with about a 65% chance of 15 points, with upside of 20 points, I will take that in my flex spot all dag gone day!
  8. They want him primed and ready late in the season, I think he is good to go after seeing him last week, why would anyone doubt if you saw the game Pats RB's vs Jets, wow, could be a HUUUUUGE game, something like 125/2 considering Brady is under the weather a bit
  9. Those who dropped him will regret it this week............
  10. Tough call but based on match up and the out put the past 5 weeks I go Cohen