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  1. I hear ya. What do you think about dropping Crowder instead?
  2. dmitch and jamal for kemba? whir 100

    I would add EG if he declines the 2-for-1. Or Justin Holiday. I see Holiday getting traded, and that's only going to hurt him.
  3. Conley + for Kemba ? WHIR100%

    I would make this trade to get Kemba. I would do it even if it was 2 for 1. Memphis is 3-7 in their last 10, if they keep losing I can see Conley getting shut down/rested. The East is much easier to get to the playoffs, so Kemba should be safe.
  4. Is Jeremy Lamb worth holding on to? Or is it safe to drop him for Kyle Anderson or Derrick White? I feel I'm deep enough at C that I don't need to consider Willy Hernangomez or Luke Kornet. H2H Points league
  5. Hassan Whiteside 20178-2019 Season Outlook

    Thoughts on him getting traded? Do you see it happening?
  6. Standard scoring. Do you risk Fournette in your flex over Golladay, Breida, Ballage, Damien Williams, Ware? Rest of lineup: WR: Adamns, Hilton RB: Chubb, Mack

    I'd probably roll with KCP for the immediate future and as a possible stash. Thanks for the help with mine
  8. H2H points league. Which do you see having the most value ROS with an Ariza trade? Do both of these guys have higher ROS value over Alec Burks and Jae Crowder?
  9. FLEX help: D. Lewis, Fitzgerald, Lockett, D. Henry

    Yeah, I wouldn't want to guess which Titan's back will do anything tonight, I'd probably roll with Fitz since Kirk is out. Could see taking a gamble on Lockett, but he's more of a gamble than Fitz in my eyes
  10. Help me pick my starting lineup this week WHIR

    Like your lineup as well. And Ridley is the weakest link on your team, feel free to drop him for a kicker.
  11. Am I crazy for this? (WHIR)

    I would agree, I would not start Allen. I fear a floor game coming this week (his floor is painfully low)
  12. Mahomes or Rivers - WHIR

    I think I would roll with Mahomes as well. He is just too good, you can't bench that.
  13. QB Dilemma! WHIR!!!!

    I like Mayfield here as well due to uncertainty with Lamar. I don't trust Harbaugh. Would stay away from Ryan and Wilson due to their low floors. Winston is the same as Lamar in my mind.
  14. WR Dilemma WHIR

    I'd sit Davis as well. While Sutton could contend with Sherman this week, that matchup is not as bad as Ramsey.
  15. Very Simple... Mayfield Or Cousins...WHIR!!

    I'd go Mayfield as well. He has a great floor, and even with those 3 picks in the first half, he wasn't a total disaster. Cousin's floor is not great, much lower than Mayfields. I feel mayfield is the safer play with the same relative ceiling