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  1. He’s starting tonight against Marlins. Originally he was going to follow “opener” Ryne Stanek, but Stanek was used in extra inning game last night.
  2. The Rays Diego Castillo picked up his first hold last night. He has nasty stuff and was fantastic in AAA. Kevin Cash has already said he'll see a lot of high leverage situations. Given the fluidity of the Rays bullpen and the fact that the have started the youth movement, I think he is good bet to get quite a few holds and maybe even eventually take over the closers role (such as they have one).
  3. Seen all of his games so far. He has great strike zone awareness and knows how to put the barrel on the baseball. He also plays with a ton of energy. Good looking player. Personally I'm buying, especially in dynasty formats.
  4. Angels 1. Cozart 2B 2. Trout CF 3. Upton LF 4. Pujols DH 5. Calhoun RF 6. Simmons SS 7. Valbuena 3B 8. Marte 1B 9. Rivera C SP Shoemaker Rays 1. Span DH 2. Kiermaier CF 3. Gomez RF 4. Miller 1B 5. Duffy 3B 6. Wendle 2B 7. Hechavarria SS 8. M. Smith LF 9. Sucre C SP Kittredge Mariners 1. Gordon CF 2. Segura SS 3. Cano 2B 4. Cruz DH 5. Seager 3B 6. Haniger RF 7. Healy 1B 8. Marjama C 9. Ichiro LF SP Paxton
  5. He's cruising. See I told you there was nothing to worry about fellas. ?
  6. Rolling him out there and hoping for best.
  7. Yeah I've rostered him in several leagues for the reasons you mention. Serious help with ratios, K's and K/9 and is especially good in leagues that have GS limits, because you're basically getting a part-time starter in a RP slot with no GS. He's especially good to pair with high K SP who may carry higher WHIP's and don't go deep in games. I love him. He should be damn near 100% owned imo.
  8. 99 pitches through 7 innings for McCullers. 65 strikes. I'm assuming he's done. 10 K's. ZERO walks. 17/2 K/BB ratio through first 2 starts. If he has mastered his control.....I can't even...
  9. Five straight right-handers and a visit to Coors Field on the docket next week for Yang. If you're thinking about taking for a spin, now's the time to do it.
  10. Third straight multi-hit game and third straight game with an RBI and he's started five of the D'Backs 6 games. Looks healthy, he's been raking and PT isn't an issue. I got him on the 17th likey so far.
  11. He's valuable in a league like mine that counts K/9 in addition to ERA, WHIP, & Ks. I've rostered him to help with ratios and help counterbalance the loss of innings I get my high K staff that doesn't go much past 6 usually. 100 innings of quality can really help with the ratios and of course if he ends up in the rotation at some point or pitching in more high leverage situations...even better. Another guy who kind of fits this bill is Cubs Mike Montgomery. Long relievers aren't just mop up men anymore.
  12. Yeah I ignore Rotoworld's "analysis" and just read the news part of it if the player updates. Another factor in all of this is that Jackie Bradley got hurt today too. The Red Sox outfield is beyond banged up, they might need to call Yaz out of retirement.
  13. Hard to know truly what the Rays are going to do as they platoon a lot. But most of that occurs from the DH/1B/LF spots. The plan for Rasmus when they signed him was for him to play left mostly and back up KK in CF. Of course this was before they added Mallex Smith and Peter Bourjos though. The Rays beat writers are saying it will be Rasmus/Bourjos LF platoon, with KK in CF and Souza in RF. Anyway, as of now, Souza is an every day player. The RF job has pretty much been his since he joined the team and he has been a full-time player for two seasons now. When healthy he's been in the lineup regularly. He also has near identical splits against lefties (.235) and righties (.238).
  14. He's an every day player. He hits lead off against lefties and 5th against righties.
  15. Total vintage Liriano. Hot garbage tonight. Which of course, for Liriano means that he'll throw a gem next time out while he's everyone's bench or on the WW.