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  1. hi, are you still looking for a team   16 team league 4 divisions 2 wild cards free league  small trophy to the winner

    9 starters   8 bench   trade draft picks also   trading deadline this friday nov. 8

  2. Can you send me the link to see the roster, etc. mike.martin844 AT
  3. I am interested in Team 1 - autobot league. I have been playing fantasy sports for a long time. I am Diamond-rated on Yahoo and very active. Thanks!
  4. If you are still looking - please give me a shout/message! Very active and love to trade! Thanks, ghost
  5. I am very interested! Diamond-rated on Yahoo and will stay active the entire year. Just let me know mike.martin844 @ yahoo . com
  6. Yes, sadly it looks like we are running out of time. I should have been more pro-active. I will do better next year!! I am trying to get a date later this week and see if we can get 10 committed owners. Sorry
  7. Sorry, I just set up my own league... I hope it fills, ha ha!
  8. I tried to create a basic PPR league. I want active owners that are playing for pride and will not quit! : ) Love to see trades and a flurry of adds/drops throughout the season! Free league drafting at 8:00 (Eastern) this evening (8/18!) No defenses, 1 Flex, QB's get 6 for TD's to make them more valuable. Link to join:
  9. My son (Sr. @ NC State) and I are looking to join a league so we can talk smack to one another! : ) So, if you need 2 more - please let me know! Thx!
  10. If you are still looking.... I am a a very active fantasy player. i am diamond-rated (for what that is worth) on Yahoo and love talking and making trades. I have never quit on a team and will stay active till the final pitch! Thanks, Mike mike.martin844@yahoo DOT com
  11. Sorry, 10 team league. Most of us are in education as college students and teachers. Settings below! Basic Settings League Name Number of Teams 10 Scoring Type Head to Head Each Category Format League Manager Make League Viewable to Public No Roster Roster Size 29 Total Starters 25 Total on Bench 4 POSITION STARTERS MAXIMUMS Catcher (C) 1 No Limit First Base (1B) 1 No Limit Second Base (2B) 1 No Limit Third Base (3B) 1 No Limit Shortstop (SS) 1 No Limit Middle Infielder (2B/SS) 1 N/A Corner Infielder (1B/3B) 1 N/A Infielder (IF) 0 N/A Left Field (LF) 0 No Limit Center Field (CF) 0 No Limit Right Field (RF) 0 No Limit Outfield (OF) 5 N/A Designated Hitter (DH) 0 No Limit Utility (UTIL) 1 N/A Pitcher (P) 9 N/A Starting Pitcher (SP) 0 No Limit Relief Pitcher (RP) 0 No Limit Bench (BE) 4 N/A Injured List (IL) 3 N/A Games Played Limits (Maximums) Batters No Limit Pitchers No Limit Scoring Batting Runs Scored (R) Home Runs (HR) Runs Batted In (RBI) Stolen Bases (SB) Batting Average (AVG) On Base plus Slugging Pct (OPS) Pitching Strikeouts (K) Quality Starts (QS) Saves (SV) Holds (HD) Earned Run Average (ERA) Walks plus Hits Per Innings Pitched (WHIP) Minimum 5 Games Started (GS)
  12. We drafted last week and the owner wants to bail. This is a very competitive and active league. H2H 6 Cats - nothing crazy! We want a good owner who wants to have fun and will stay active for the entire season. FREE league! Email : to get in ASAP!
  13. Diamond rated on Yahoo extremely active owner that will stay until the very end! Love talking trades, etc. If open shoot me an email. Thanks!