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  1. 2018 Rotoworld Forum Experts League

    Kerryon Johnson @Winky
  2. 2018 Rotoworld Forum Experts League

    Zach Ertz @taobball @predator_05
  3. 2018 Rotoworld Forum Experts League

    RT takes Kelce @BlakeP42 @Packdog
  4. 2018 Rotoworld Forum Experts League

    Kareem Hunt @taobball @predator_05
  5. Big trade for 1st overall, WHIR

    Doubt he takes it but depends on his squad
  6. Keep Conner, Golladay, Perine and Keenan
  7. Don’t go anywhere near Gronk. I like Diggs and Mixon for you. I’d try to get out of sending a pick. Brown is elite. Don’t sell cheap.
  8. What is your full list with their rounds
  9. How's The Team Looking?

    Seems odd to roster two TEs in a 10 team luck May be rusty overall decent but most 10 team rosters are
  10. Keeper help

    Dont keep either QB.
  11. Call me crazy,but I like Davis better in dynasty than hill.
  12. Pretty stacked for a 12 team. Gordon isn't going to cut it as your WR3 and I am not sure any of your bench guys will either. So if I had to pick one weakness it would be that. Not going to prevent this team from beasting out though, great squad.