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  1. Jordan Howard trade

    Who did you drop?
  2. Jordan Howard trade

    Lol omg
  3. Jordan Howard trade

    "Hey guys rate this trade..." "You guys didnt give me the answer I was looking for so you must be crapping on my thread."
  4. Jordan Howard trade

    So who did you drop?
  5. Jordan Howard trade

    Lighten Up, Francis.
  6. Jordan Howard trade

    Who were your drops?
  7. Jordan Howard trade

    I didn't say which pieces were unusable, you decide. You now have Foreman who isnt near ready, lewis who is inconsistent and awful and 2 bench QBs rather than one. TB has been the very worst defense this season. They made Trubisky look like he was headed to the HOF.
  8. Jordan Howard trade

    trading for a QB when you have mayfield vs TB this week is fools gold. Now instead of one unusable piece you have 3.
  9. Thielen + McCoy for...

    Keep theilen your WRs aren’t stacked
  10. What do you need for SNF/MNF?

    Davante Adams 11 in one and Mason Crosby 8 in another
  11. Add kapri Bibbs???

    Who are your drops? I’d caution against dropping talent to block an opponent
  12. Sure RBs are hard to come by, QBs aren’t really that hard to strwan make the deal