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  1. Which side would you rather own?

    Evans side since its 2 qb
  2. Ty Montgomery 2018 Season Outlook

    Sickle cell is a bitch. Him and John Brown very similar situations. Extremely talented and athletic but unfortunately due to their condition, any minor injury is prolonged and limits their ability to perform week in week out. Like both players but won’t touch them in fantasy any more
  3. Using pick 1.3 Rookie Draft

    20 teams and there are .21 and .23 picks? I’m so confused I can’t help.
  4. Trade for Brady?

    Ah, I missed the offensive player part. I'd stay with Jimmy G.
  5. Trade for Brady?

    Never keep a QB
  6. Rate my trade

    Pretty even. Big upside with Burton based upon the offseason comments regarding his planned usage. Concern he wont live up to that hype. Your RBs about to get better with Saquon and maybe you can add some additional depth there.
  7. 2018 Roto Dynasty Dozen Devy League

    1.01 96mnc - Penny, RB SEA 1.02 Lord Varys - Jonathan Taylor, RB, Wisconsin 1.03 JHM - David Montgomery 1.04 Lord Varys - Kerryon Johnson, RB, Detroit Lions 1.05 Krum Cakes - D. Swift, RB, Georgia 1.06 River City Ballers - Kelvin "Odell" Harmon Jr, NC 1.07 Pack Dog - D.J. Moore, WR, Carolina 1.08 Pack Dog - Rodney Anderson, RB, Oklahoma 1.09 Krum Cakes - Bryce Love, RB, Stanford 1.10 Mr. Blonde 1.11 Pack Dog 1.12 JHM
  8. Why aren’t Julio, Evans, Keenan being kept? better idea keep the three trade 3 and 10 for Saquon

    Option A

    23 with 2 IR must field a full lineup no penalty for late scratch
  11. Dez Bryant 2018 Season Outlook

    Been saying this for 2 years. Every year someone explains how it’s his comeback year and because he fell in the draft he is a steal.
  12. Biggest Waste of Draft Capital

    Devante Parker Willie Snead Isaiah Crowell to name a few
  13. Wentz+Pick #7 for My A.Luck

    As others have said accept this and run