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  1. Is your league a keeper or dynasty? If not then next year doesnt matter
  2. Thats a bunch of so called experts ranking players. They also have Adam Theilen as WR7. So that tells me enough about the content.
  3. Agree 100% and I actually can't think of a single Veto post on here that has every swayed me to say it would be a veto.
  4. Whites recs: 4, 7, 3, 8, 10, 5 Whites Rsh: 5, 4, 4, 8, 2, 6 Nope.
  5. Seriously quit looking at draft captial. It has no bearing. James White is a team captain and a huge part of the offense, that isnt changing. And Drake sucks. I'd rather have the white/Ekeler side of the deal.
  6. I was offered the trade below, please help...

    Hopkins is the best player in the deal. Take it.
  7. Ranks of players in .5 PPR David Johnson - 10 Kenyan Drake - 26 James White - 8 Austin Ekeler - 16
  8. Not a veto at all. Only collusion is a jealous owner trying to veto a valid trade.
  9. New to Dynasty league

    Howard is only 23, you should not be moving young RBs just because of a few bad games. I would focus on getting anything you can for Djax, Reed, Dez(?) (take any round pick you can get) If you can move Peyton Barber, I would offload him. Hes a known quantity that has had a few good games. Send him off for a 2nd or 3rd
  10. Yahoo Waivers

    Mine cleared normal time
  11. Lindsay or Clement ROS?

    Reasoning behind my Clement pick: 1 - Better offense overall, want a piece of that scoring opportunity 2 - Only 2 RBs in Philly vs 3 headed monster in Den
  12. Jordan Howard trade

    No one knows.
  13. Lindsay or Clement ROS?

    Clement ROS for me
  14. Jordan Howard trade

    If you didn’t drop Baker, then he becomes the 3rd unusable piece I referenced earlier
  15. Jordan Howard trade

    Who did you drop?
  16. Jordan Howard trade

    "Hey guys rate this trade..." "You guys didnt give me the answer I was looking for so you must be crapping on my thread."
  17. Jordan Howard trade

    So who did you drop?
  18. Jordan Howard trade

    Lighten Up, Francis.
  19. Jordan Howard trade

    Who were your drops?
  20. Jordan Howard trade

    I didn't say which pieces were unusable, you decide. You now have Foreman who isnt near ready, lewis who is inconsistent and awful and 2 bench QBs rather than one. TB has been the very worst defense this season. They made Trubisky look like he was headed to the HOF.
  21. Jordan Howard trade

    trading for a QB when you have mayfield vs TB this week is fools gold. Now instead of one unusable piece you have 3.