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  1. Keeper Questions

    Let fools spend their money on those RBs at those prices. Keep cheap WRs
  2. Espn allows for commish to change the playoff teams. So track the weekly matchups in a spreadsheet based upon Espn scores. Or a pencil and paper not too hard to figure out
  3. Rashaad Penny 2018 season outlook

    Hmm I seem to have gotten lost on here. I thought I clicked the Penny thread.
  4. So after this deal you weekly starting RBs would be Gurley, Zeke and Barkley? Yes. do it.
  5. Correct. A vote was cast in dynasty and a majority was reached to dismiss Iron from dynasty. His $25 will be refunded by the treasurer. Godspeed Iron.
  6. Real Time Fantasy Sports - Question

    Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth? I guess lol! Good deal!
  7. Wasn’t taking any sides but since I have been deleted from Experts league I’ll just move on in other leagues. it was great while it lasted.
  8. Irons commish powers in dynasty have been revoked until further notice.
  9. Yup it would seem I got the axe as well as pack.
  10. Hahaha I’d pay whatever was asked!
  11. Real Time Fantasy Sports - Question

    Don’t post their explanation or anything
  12. I’d look elsewhere in dynasty
  13. Dynasty Draft Strategy WHIR

    You’ve got to separate your fandom from Fantasy. Zeke is a beast. Or DJ. I’m not sure that obj and Hopkins will necessarily go before those guys though
  14. LeSean McCoy Trade

    Need league details. Hard time figuring out 6th and 7th rd picks. But no. Probably not doing this deal
  15. What would you do

    Be patient wait to see what emerges in camp/ preseason
  16. Dynasty Draft Strategy WHIR

    Given the format of superflex you’ll want to get two good QBs but balance against available stud players. Go young but get proven players where possible. Recency bias is something to exploit: look for players with down years or coming off injury to fall. Allen Robinson probably a good example.
  17. You’re over complicating things. AB in PPR is a no brainer. Keep him, pick any one of those throwback players at 12
  18. Thoughts on team?

    Seriously dude this is old. Gtfo. Regarding the team. If it were 12 team I’d be ok with it, but you’ve got some work to do in a 10 team.
  19. Saquon Barkley 2018 Season Outlook

    I guess while talking about unknowns, Saquon still exactly that. Until he does it at the nfl it’s all speculation, but he seems like a safe bet
  20. Saquon Barkley 2018 Season Outlook

    Aka Elohim applies to picks for me, if you can get an established stud utilizing some unknown chips I’m al over it. i tried like hell to pry Saquon away offering a haul beyond what was discussed here and it was promptly turned down.
  21. Also if you had 265 teams and played 1886 games your seasons are 7 weeks. Youre a dope.
  22. By the way your math is off. 72.4% of 1886 games is not 1331. It’s ~1315