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  1. Nvm, he's hosting the yearly state farm celebrity tournament next week. Would not be surprised if he has been bowling on the side
  2. I really like how this guy has been bowling on the side including the state farm celebrity tournament that he recently hosted.
  3. Damn hopefully it’s not a concussion also
  4. Lmao Eric Gordon #1 option on a team. Good one
  5. I don't see his stats improving much with more minutes going to him after the Kyle Anderson injury. He def does not have the green light to keep shooting like he did back in chicago
  6. Kris Dunn and Bobby Portis had sprained mcl’s and were out close to 6 weeks
  7. I’m hoping he gets traded which then they’d showcase him over a couple of games which would be end of january
  8. If they are gonna trade him, I could see them rushing him back to boost his trade stock. I thought I read a report last week that he was gonna return sometime during cavs upcoming 6 game road trip?
  9. What’s everyone’s guess on his ETA? He started going through shooting drills today.
  10. Will his potential be capped with Austin Rivers? As well as minutes jam with Kelly Oubre
  11. Just dropped d wade for him. His ROS is looking promising when given the minutes. I could see Ariza leaving, Warren move over to the 3 and have a booker/Melton back court