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  1. He threw 93 pitches in his last minor league start.
  2. I expect 6.1 ip / 4 hits / 3 walks / 2 ER / 6 K's
  3. I'm expecting a perfect game. Perhaps, one HBP if he loses control of a slider.
  4. Until I hear of a positive test, I simply DGAF. If he's on something, and doesn't get bagged, I don't care either. I'm not the morality police. People make decisions, good and bad. He, or anyone else, will have to deal with the consequences (health issues), should they go that route. Baseball is entertainment, to me I don't care what actors do. I don't care what musicians do. I don't care what athletes do.
  5. Broxton....... Buxton........... So similar, yet so.......... similar. Perhaps, they are the same person? Milwaukee........ Minnesota......... nah........ ?
  6. If on ESPN and auction, I'm in. Scrapps3@yahoo.com
  7. Also looking for another league. Ideally 10 or 12 teams. Roto or H2H. Preferably ESPN. Auction.
  8. How many teams? What is the starting lineup breakdown?
  9. As a Dallas fan, this game definitely concerns me. They tend to be inconsistent at home. And even more consistent on Thanksgiving. I'm starting Kelley, with zero reservations.
  10. I actually think, with Lacy injured, he is the most talented RB on Green Bay's roster. But that offense is RB hell. They could have Bo Jackson back there, and he would probably only get about 10 touches a game. They simply refuse to make any attempt to run the ball.
  11. Wrong about what? He has signed with four teams. That's plain as day. The fact that he never played in a game for Washington, doesn't change that. I have no issue admitting when I'm wrong. Happens more often, than I like. But, I don't see how I am in this case.
  12. He was signed by Washington. He was on their practice squad. If he was worth a damn, he wouldn't have been cut. If Ware signed with Seattle, yes that counts.