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  1. Auction or snake? Please say auction.
  2. 12Team Auction Roto 9-cat.

    How much is the buy in?
  3. What's the buy in? How many teams?
  4. Corey Davis Season Outlook 2017

    Toby* Leave off the "e" for excrement.
  5. Deshaun Watson 2017 Season Outlook

    No. Your's was blurry.
  6. Adrian Peterson 2017 Season Outlook

    I own Peterson, but.........
  7. Carlos Hyde 2017 Season Outlook

    Sig Bloom said start Hyde, so.........
  8. Carlos Hyde 2017 Season Outlook

    Do I really have to start McGuire over Hyde? I'm really starting to hate the niners. This whole Hyde situation is bizarre. I've never had to sit a player due to trade speculation.
  9. Definitely not trade 1. Trade 2? Hmmm, I don't know. I'd probably say eff it, and do it. I'm a fellow Hyde owner, and don't know how to handle this trade/hot hand bs. I'd like to rid myself of the situation, but wouldn't give him away, either.
  10. Wow! Should I trade!?!

    Dew it! As a fellow Hyde owner, the situation is currently a nightmare. I don't even know if I can start him tomorrow, out of fear they limit his touches. If I could sell, I would.
  11. Carlos Hyde 2017 Season Outlook

    Anyone have the stones to play him tomorrow? Just wish I knew whether the trade rumors are legit. If they're fluff, I think Hyde will resume the dominant role. However if they are, I'm sure they'll try to keep him healthy. Last weeks bs doesn't bother me. I tend to think it was an isolated incident. But, this trade stuff..... I just don't know.