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  1. One of these names, does not belong.
  2. Ever see The Titanic? j/k. But, think you got the short end of the stick. Of course, the next day I go without being wrong, will be the first.
  3. Not worried, one bit Jones is the far more, talented player. Is just a matter of preservation, and keeping him healthy.
  4. Some will try to convince themselves, that a tornado hitting their house, is a great time for renovations.
  5. It's close. I like both TE's, but tend to think Waller will usually be a relevant part of the Raiders game plan. With Patricia, I'm not sure Hock will be the same in Detroit. And while I am a McLaurin fan, I have to lean to the known quantity in Diggs. Prefer your side of the deal. Good luck.
  6. Mostert, clearly. Woods and Gordon at WR. Flex is not so easy. AB will play, but how involved will he be? McLaurin seems like option #1 in the Washington passing game. I'd probably roll with the upside of AB. But, I rarely play things conservatively. Good luck.
  7. I'd give Drake a shot, tomorrow. Will be playing catch up, all day.
  8. Godwin. Bucs will be playing from behind, often. With AB, more mouths to feed in NE.
  9. I like both Ross and McLaurin, a lot. Go with Ross for upside. While, I think McLuarin will be a tad more consistent.
  10. Mixon if he plays. If not, AB. Kupp and Lockett.
  11. Williams. Raiders will need to score a bunch. Would've went with Crowder, but you know, Semien.