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  1. If you have a spot open, I want in. And could you please change LF, CF, and RF, to just OF? Scrapps3@yahoo.com
  2. With more teams did this. The Super two crap, is beyond stupid.
  3. Scouts continue to rave about his awareness. A real student of the game. Prior to each road series, Bryce has been known to review field dimensions, and visualize potential ball tracking situations.......
  4. Am unable to view the Google doc. How many teams? Buy in?
  5. You're absolutely right. Because, Luck's, Brady's, and Mckinnon's careers, are nearly identical. Don't be obtuse.
  6. Hi,

    You responded on my thread about a new slow auction h2h daily transactions fantasy baseball league.  If you're interested in the league, please send an email to al.geelhaar@hotmail.com, or a PM here, with your email address.  I'll then invite you on ESPN so you can take a look, and send you a couple emails I've sent out to league members so far.

    Al Geelhaar

  7. I think I'm interested. I've done numerous auctions, but never a slow auction. Would someone mind explaining how it works?