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  1. I'd take Pryor. While Cooks will put up a few monster games. I tend to think, he'll disappear in others.
  2. Yes. Love SD. Think he's immensely talented, and could easily be a WR1 on a different team/offense. But......... then I watch the Vikings play. And disappointment ensues.
  3. I agree with everything you said...... right up until the start of the 2016 season. As I said above, it didn't look like the same player. I have no idea what the issue is/was. I was always a big fan, and remember him returning the opening KO for a TD, in his first game at Georgia. He looked awesome in 2015, as well. Then came the 2016 season. He ran straight, made no attempt to slip or beak a tackle, and always went down after first contact. I know the Rams offense and OL were god awful. But TG wouldn't be the first talented RB to play for a crappy team. He could not have looked more disinterested, if he was trying to do so. And while it was only a few touches (last Sat), he looked like the exact same piece of garbage, I had on my roster last year. I won't dispute his talent. Just his want-to.
  4. Up until about ten days ago, I wasn't even considering Peterson. However, as my auction (standard) draws closer, he's become quite intriguing. After the top 10 to 12 guys, RB is an absolute crapshoot. Well, at least I think so. While Peterson has certainly lost a step, he still runs like a rabid badger. Fights for every inch. Great in short yardage situations. He's the anti-Gurley. And that Viking OL was colossally bad. I won't lie, he's pulling me in.
  5. I really have no idea what to expect from DAH. Was a big fan, prior to this past season. Managed to excel in 2015 with Hoyer/Mallett/etc taking snaps. Yet, was abysmal in 2016 with Osweiler under center. Therefore, the question remains, is Osweiler really that god awful? He can basically be had this year, for 60-70% of his previous value. Can he get back to WR1 status?
  6. As a Gurley owner last year....... lemme think............. No!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I will preface this by saying, he only had a few touches last week. But, TG looked identical to the overrated sack of crap, I took in round one last year. Very small sample size, I know. But, dude just ran straight. Went down on first contact. Made no effort to slip a tackle, and fall forward. It was a mirror image. If volume is the only reason you're considering this guy, good luck. Watching him play, knowing what he's capable of, just irritates me. I'd rather take someone like Crowell, Miller, or Fournette. He disgusts me.
  8. Uh, no. Until further notice, I want no part of the Seattle backfield. Mid to late round flier is one thing. Dealing Gronk is another.
  9. Julio can't do this, either.....
  10. I wouldn't touch either. What exactly has Gurley done since the end of the 2015 season, to warrant being taken at #9? And Beast Mode? Please. Dude missed half the 2015 season with injuries, and sat out last year. What would make you think he'll be relatively healthy and productive, two years later? Sure, take both...... if want to be eliminated prior to selecting your 3rd player.
  11. The thing that irks me most about TG, is that he seems totally disinterested. Dude never makes a move. Never struggles or fights for extra yards. Never shows any sort of emotion. Just seems to be going through the motions. Doing the bare minimum. It's hard to believe I'm watching the same guy from 2015. Yet, most still have him ranked top ten. As an owner the last two years, he disgusts me. He's not in my top 20. I'd rather waste the pick, on someone that actually, appears to give a chit/exert some effort.
  12. As a huge UNC fan, I can say....... very well stated. Big fan of Mack. And yes, when healthy, he runs a sub 4.5 40.
  13. While I agree, that the Seattle RB situation is an absolute mess. If I had to take one, it's a no brainer. And it sure as hell, wouldn't be Lacy.
  14. Sounds good. Scrapps3@yahoo.com
  15. What website are you using to host?