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  1. Ronald Acuna - OF ATL

    ^^^^^ This. Bottom line, the kid deserves to be in the bigs. If not for another year of control, he would've been in the lineup on opening day. Now, they're going to play bs games with him, because he's not on fire, 8 games into the minor league season. He had answered any and all questions, with his play in spring training. This is horseshi..... well, crap.
  2. Ronald Acuna - OF ATL

  3. If the spot is still open, Scrapps3@yahoo.com
  4. Are you 100% set on snake draft?
  5. Need 2 Owners for $100 8 Team Points league

    H2H? ESPN or Yahoo? Snake or Auction?
  6. Byron Buxton 2018 Outlook

    How much $? I won't tell anyone. Promise.
  7. 2018 Dallas Cowboys Season Outlook

    If an NFL's team WR1 is Dez, your WR corps, is straight trash. $12 mil/yr for the garbage that Dez has produced, is grand larceny. I would've dumped his overrated, unproductive, name only @ss, and tried to sign A. Robinson.
  8. Dez Bryant 2018 Season Outlook

    Cut his @ss. $16 mil a year, for his mediocre production and sideline/off field bs? Dez has never been half the player, he thinks he is. This shouldn't even be in question.
  9. 2018 Dallas Cowboys Season Outlook

    Point being, Garrett shouldn't be coaching these games
  10. 2018 Dallas Cowboys Season Outlook

    One would think, after 20+ years with minimal success, this might actually dawn on him. Ummm Jerry, it's not working. Please try something else, you egomaniacal @ssbag.