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  1. has anyone ever lost on a stat correction? I'm worried about it this year..
  2. he can only answer so many prayers..Kenrich saved my semifinals last Sunday. His 2 steals won me the H2H on the last day. Perhaps the man upstairs is saving it again for this Sunday and potential path to a championship!
  3. I get the feeling there will be 'load management' for the game tomorrow and Kawhi will be out. Raptors already resting, Lowry, Green, and Ibaka is suspended. Its an early start time tomorrow (4pm) which means less than 48 hours since the last game and Raps traditionally have been holding him out with that scenario. I think they roll out the G league team, but we'll see..I'm not confident.
  4. mods can close this..i figure it out
  5. [tweet]1071422735547547650[/tweet]
  6. hey..just wondering how do I embed a tweet like you do? I try to paste the link..and just get the link. I tried to "embed tweet" in the code and it doesn't work. Thanks for the help

  7. Am I missing something? I try to just cut and paste the tweet as previous threads have noted..but it only shows the link.. and does not embed the tweet How do I do this?
  8. https://twitter.com/FrankTranMD/status/1070784969218285568
  9. https://mobile.twitter.com/FrankTranMD/status/1070135572138782720 Quote Tweet
  10. thank you Joker..you also won me the finals. I drafted you in the first round and stuck with you through the ups and downs. You came through like a star tonight, but it was your 13 rebounds which really put me over the top.
  11. he has 4 games this week..did the same..hopefully he can string a few good games together.