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  1. Thanks for letting me know DfWelch and Fantasynut18, but in the first case I really want to stick with Fantrax because that is where my other league is and don't want to have to bounce between apps. I'm also not looking to join a new league. I just finished my rebuild win my other league and it is now competitive for a long time to come, but I want to have another 'project' team to fix.
  2. Hello all, Experienced fantasy guy looking to join a true dynasty league on Fantrax. The more complex and fun league the better! I have been doing fantasy leagues for over 15 years and I am an extremely active trader. If you have a quiet or dull league, I am not the guy for you. Also, no AVG stat leagues, looking for OBP. Would be fun to have a 'project' team to have some rebuilding fun with. Jordan
  3. No info? What are the categories, basics of the league? You wouldn't need to bump so much if you told people what your league was about. For a $100 league people want more than just knowing there is one open slot.