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  1. Very active league, most of us have been in the league for years. Check the stat categories, email me at with any questions, or reply to this thread.
  2. $50 buy in. $350 first place, $100 second place and $50 best regular season record
  3. What up everyone. League is brand new, have a couple buddies that are in already. We're all extremely active all season (trades, waiver etc). Hoping to fill the league out sooner than later so we can take votes on draft date/time, whether we want to make it a keeper or redraft etc. Link is below to join, ill have the Leaguesafe link shortly.
  4. Yo Bama! You think you and your buddies want to join up?
  5. Yep. I'll be setting it up soon. Just wanted to see if at could fill the league.
  6. Hell ya. Get em in. We're dying to fill this thing. Legit, we're all super active. You guys will like this league.
  7. Here you go bruh. Working on getting it filed. Should be a very active league.
  8. Hey! Very interested. Can you post rosters or a link to the league? Can email me also at