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  1. I am thinking about either a $50 or $100 buy in via Leaguesafe (we can vote on amount). Start the draft as soon as we fill up. We can also vote on whether or not to make it a keeper.
  2. I like the Bylaws and how serious you seem to take everything. Obviously I'm only one manager, but I prefer to only have C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS and 3 OF with one or two utility players. If you end up changing the settings I'd be totally down. I like the small buy in to keep it real too.
  3. Are the roster setups set in stone? For example, is 5 outfielders a must?
  4. 4 PT passing td 6 pt rush and receive td Rodgers Kamara Howard ARob Funchess Stills Flex :Tevin Coleman / Connor Or Russell Wilson Kamara Connor OBJ ARob Funchess Flex : Coleman / Lockett
  5. I'd have Jimmy G and Carr to choose from for QB's. I'd have Gurley, Howard and Carson as rbs I'd have Adams, ARob, Funchess and Stills as wr's
  6. I send Aaron Rodgers, Kamara and Marquis Goodwin I receive Matt Ryan, Gurley and Cooper
  7. I send CMC, Ebron and Daeshawn Hamilton I receive Guice, DJ Moore and Chase Edmunds (I'm the DJ owner) My receivers are Cooper, Diggs, Hurns, Paul Richardson, Allison, Keelan Cole, Snead and Hamilton My rbs are DJ, CMC, Breida, Nyheim, Perine and Josh Jackson
  8. I send DJ and Hurns and I receive Michael Thomas and Derrick Henry I send DJ (prob give Hurns too) and I receive Julio and Guice I'd really like to get my hands on Henry. Just unsure if he will go for that offer.
  9. Lol sweet! Ended up going with Hines before I read any of these. Thanks guys
  10. Have DJ and McCaffrey. Below are some options I'm considering with my 8th round selection.. Nyheim Hines James White Breida Corey Clement Devonte Booker Ware
  11. Man I want to accept this deal bad. I get Correa and Kluber and I send Blackmon and Albies. I'd plug Moncada in and hope he takes off. I'd be left with Haniger, Incarte, Conforto with Juan Soto on the hype train. I could snag off the wire either Kemp, Delino, Happ, Aaron Hicks, Teoscar, Choo We count H, RBI, XBH, HR, AVG, BB, SB, K Any input is appreciated!
  12. Ya, as of right now in 5-0. I'm really just not a Bregman fan and was looking to upgrade at SS. I do think that I would be a little thin at OF if I did the deal but OF is easier to come by than SS.
  13. Outfielders are Blackmon, Haniger, Delino, Soler, Matt Adams and Buxton (start 3) Bregman is current SS Keep 3, potential keepers are Nolan, Freddie, Ozzie and Blackmon right now
  14. Ya lol kid went to school with Corbin and I think was day drinking. He was also desperate for pitching.
  15. I send Blackmon I receive Lindor and Starling Marte I have Bregman at SS right now and my outfielders are Haniger, Blackmon, Incarte, Teoscar and Buxton. Thoughts?
  16. Have Moncada who I want to get in my lineup everyday. Thoughts?
  17. Have Nola, Corbin, CMart, Arrietta, Taillon, Bauer, Ryu and Flaherty as SP. Have Bregman and Timmy Anderson as SS's. Thoughts?
  18. Lineup as follows: C-Contreras 1B- Freeman 2B- Albies 3B-Arenado SS-Bregman/Tim Anderson OF (start 3)- Conforto/Haniger/Hicks, Teoscar, Buxton Utiliy (start one) Shaw/Moncada SP--Corbin, Nola, CMart, Taillon, Arrieta, Ryu, Bauer, Flaherty I am trying to get more speed on my squad. Tim Anderson has helped at SS but obviously the upgrade to Lindor would be awesome. Yes he is slumping but clearly I have to assume he will right the ship...Thoughts?
  19. I have Freddie and Miggy as 1B. I have Bregman and Timmy Anderson as SS's. Never been a huge fan of Bregman. I was thinking about doing the deal then flipping Bregman for another 1B? Thoughts?
  20. I have Benintendi, Conforto Haniger as primary OFs with Teoscar, Hicks and Buxton as subs. I only have Tim Anderson as SS. Thoughts on the deal? Sucks because I'm a Sox homer but tryn win a title.